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Why should you get a pre-purchase inspection on your next caravan?

With an Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection, you will get a detailed report on the visual and/or operational condition of the caravan you are looking to purchase before you commit to buy.

These checks can give you an added peace of mind and can prevent wasting your time and or money. They can help protect the safety of you, your family, and others on the roads.
What can you expect from a AWS Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection?
During the inspection, you can expect the following to be checked:
  • Inspection of the safety critical elements
  • Gas soundness check
  • Full damp inspection
  • Wheels and tyres.
If you are looking to buy a touring caravan, the AWS Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection engineers can carry out a CRiS check for you too.
A CRiS check will highlight:
  • If a caravan has been reported as stolen
  • If it has been recorded with outstanding finance
  • If it has been written off by an insurance company
  • If it is registered to a keeper (if the workshop has their name, CRiS can confirm this).
The AWS engineer will also check the following:
  • Check the VIN markings haven’t been tampered with
  • Check the VIN markings match the A-frame.
These Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections are available for both trade and private sales of pre-owned and caravans, please note they are not intended to replace a full service. You can see an example of the reports here.
Why are Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections important?
Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections from AWS can help you make a more informed decision by identifying any hidden problems you may not be aware of before you buy a caravan. Getting one of these could prevent you having to undertake costly repairs you hadn’t previously considered before you bought the caravan.
In current times where lockdown restrictions prevent travel, these are especially useful. The current demand for both new and used caravans is high, so a Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection could help give you peace of mind on a purchase you are struggling to see in person. We spoke to Motorhome And Caravan Habitation Service And Repair Ltd, one of the workshops who carry out the checks. They told us that, to repair anything that comes up on the inspection can cost “from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds depending on what needs to be repaired or replaced. It's best to get a Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection done to save getting things fixed after buying, it will save money and a potential catastrophe.” They also explained that most of the time “a buyer may be able to negotiate a reduction in the purchase price which may cover the cost of replacing or repairing the fault.”
How are the Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections monitored?
All AWS engineers including those who offer this service are continuously monitored via a sophisticated database. They are also assessed annually by a team of independent assessors for compliance and they have to adhere to the schemes strict rules and code of practice.
All AWS workshops are required to have relevant insurances, in date qualifications, calibrated tools and equipment and professional practices.
How can I get a Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection?
There are currently over 520 AWS members nationwide with over 120 who currently offer this service, so you can be sure to find one local to you.
Getting a Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection arranged couldn't be simpler, all you need to do is visit this website and search for an engineer in the area where the caravan you are looking to buy is for sale. After you’ve found an engineer, you can contact them to book an inspection. Do note, you will need permission from caravans’ current owner, which is not usually a problem or at least shouldn’t be if they have nothing to hide! You can find an approved workshop here.

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