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Is Your Caravan Ready for Winter?

1. Protect the Exterior
Before taking steps to protect the exterior of your caravan, thoroughly cleaning it and checking for any damage is a good idea. Use products designed for caravans to clean the bodywork, taking special care to remove any signs of mould. You can protect the exterior of your caravan with a cover, or you might use something like a wax coating to provide protection. If you choose a cover, make sure it's breathable. While more expensive than wax, it is reusable. A layer or two of wax can do the job too, and washes off easily later.

Another thing to pay attention to is exterior fittings. Check connectors for signs of damage and use WD40 or petroleum jelly to protect electrical contacts. Clean exterior light fittings too.
2. Check the Tyres
It's not a great idea to leave the tyres of your caravan standing still for prolonged periods. If your caravan is going to be in storage for months, you should think about turning the wheels every couple of months to prevent problems. You should also check the tyre pressure regularly to make sure it's correct. You can also use winter wheel clamps to protect your wheels.
3. Organise the Interior
Take care of the interior of your caravan too, by cleaning it out and tidying up. It's smart to leave the fridge door open to prevent mildew and to leave spring-loaded blinds open. Remove cushions to prevent them being affected by moisture, or move them away from the caravan walls. Wash and vacuum everywhere, and remove any food products, as well as leaving storage spaces open.
4. Toilets and Water
Drain and clean cassette toilets and flush the system with water as much as you can. Remove your waste tank so that you can empty and clean it. Use a seal lubricant to clean the valve blade sealing the toilet from the waste tank. The water system should also be drained, and you should open taps and remove the shower head. Drain water from any places where it is held, such as the on-board pump.
5. Electrics and Gas
Isolate batteries from 12V equipment if you are leaving one in the caravan, or turn off all electrical items and disconnect plugs. Removing the battery to charge it now and then is a good idea too.

Close valves on top of gas cylinders and fit caps on open pipework. Store cylinders in the open air if possible. Some storage units have a dedicated gas locker but even if you don't have one, be sure to store cylinders safely.
Check on your caravan regularly to be sure that it's surviving the winter. If possible, you could even take it out for a drive or a trip during the winter.