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10 reasons to buy a caravan

In the past, caravan holidays had a bit of a bad rep – cramped sleeping arrangements, nosey neighbours on the next pitch and naff campsites with knobbly knees competitions. It was just all a bit Carry On, but today, it’s very hard to know who the typical caravanner is. And that’s because there is no typical caravanner. Caravans have become boutique hotels on wheels, private boltholes and mini manors – with a different view out of the window, every single day.

Need some more convincing? We’re happy to oblige!
1. Freedom to roam
Organising a road trip can be a lot of fun and when you’ve got a caravan in tow, it’s even more so because you can stop off on the way to make a cuppa in any layby your choose. Trust me, this never gets tired! And from a practical point of view, if you’re needing the loo, you’ve got one on board and don’t need to risk the roadside public conveniences which are rarely convenient or clean. Especially those at petrol stations that require a special key to be collected from the counter. Arrived at a site and not sure about the vibe? Wind up the steadies and get gone. Love the campsite you’ve only booked for 2 nights? Extend it. Seriously, this is the good stuff. Taste the freedom!
10 reasons to buy a caravan
2. Go with friends
Family holidays are normally nice depending on what extended members go but you know what they say, you can’t choose your family. On the plus side, you can choose your friends but to gather a big group of you together and get a holiday home is costly and there’s the worry of children waking up the neighbours with a 5am chorus of screaming. When you’re on a family-friendly site, you can comandeer your own area and set up camp, share meal prep and washing up. The latter is a favourite with children as you know. Some campsites will offer individual fields for group bookings and welcome tents, caravans and motorhomes. You may find what you’re looking for here.
3. A cheaper way to holiday
How much does it cost to stay in a hotel? Is breakfast included? No? Are you joking? In a world where hidden costs are par for the course, you’ll be pleasantly by surprised by just how cheap it is to go caravanning.

Expedia reckon that Brits spend near on £5K per year on family holidays but those people are not going camping. With campsite prices starting at around £10 per night, you don’t have to be great with numbers to see what good value it is. Yes, we know you have to buy your caravan first but if you shop around, you can find some great deals of finance. Black Horse is a great starting point.
10 reasons to buy a caravan
4. Get closer to your passion
If you’re into surfing, it makes sense to be close to the coast (stating the obvious I know) and if you’ve got a sea view, you can see if the waves look rad, grab your board and go. The added advantage is post-surf, you’ve got a warm van waiting for you. Adrenaline-junkie caravanners who like to take off at a moment’s notice will love the Swift Basecamp too – this compact little caravan is small and funky and won’t require a large towcar. Win, win. Fans of skiing and snowboarding can practically pitch up on the slopes at Glencoe Mountain Resort. Facilities are basic but there’s a great cafe bar for some apres ski tipples. Or two.
5. Be more independent
The sun is shining and you’ve had a bad week at work. It’s Friday now and you’ve got more than 48 hours to take a mini break. If you’ve got a caravan, there’s no excuse to stay at home fantasising about the ways to say ‘stuff you’ to your boss. No! You’ve got wheels and you’ve got style, time to hit the road. Off-peak season, there’s often no need to book sites ahead and if you want to dine out, there’s often a pub nearby for a celebratory weekend pint and a pie or something more fancy if you’re job is dull but well paid. Some campsites even have pubs on site – or rather the other way round. UK Campsite allows you to search for specific sites so if you want it.
10 reasons to buy a caravan
6. Discover the unusual
Campsites give you access to some of the best, hidden corners of the UK and you’ll find some pretty quirky campsites once you start looking. That’s the beauty of independent campsites – always treasure to discover. Take Happy Days Retro Vacations with its original, iconic Airstream caravans. This Dorset campsite is close to Aldeburgh and Southwold where you’ll find top fish & chips and plenty of other fun stuff. Back at the site, enjoy kumbaya a group rendition on the guitar. Only joking. No one needs that in their life.
7. Great for kids
In the good old days, kids rode their bikes around the M25 (or so we’re led to believe) with no bother whatsoever but with more traffic on the roads and an increasing fears over safety, it’s becoming more difficult to let children be children. Caravanning changes that. So many campsites are fully kitted-out for kids that people have had to set up ‘adults-only’ sites which sounds far more exciting than it actually is. Expect adventure playgrounds, entertainment and cuddly toys. Lifesize ones. On a more serious note, many campsites now have entry and exit barriers that are code-protected reassuring for parents with adventurous tots. Find plenty of family friendly sites at Park Dean Resorts.
8. More relaxed
It has to be said that at Club sites, there are rules but these are often for your own good which is what any teacher would tell you. In general though, if you’re staying in a B&B, would you go down to the dining room in your dressing gown? You would? Most people wouldn’t. In a caravan, anything goes. You can breakfast in your bikini if you choose! Check out times tend to be flexible too and you’ll have plenty of time to pack up your van and leave the pitch. Weather turned for the worst and you fancy going home? You’d lose a lot of money if you’re staying in a hotel but you’re unlikely to on a campsite. Find some more chilled out sites here cool camping.
10 reasons to buy a caravan
9. Be part of a club
It’s great to be free as a bird but joining the Camping & Caravanning Club offers many rewards, not least of all, reduced pitch prices. You’ll find booking club sites is really simple as there’s designated experts to guide you through the process plus you’ll be guaranteed quality sites as all are visited by club representatives to check they pass muster. Other benefits of joining a club include favourable insurance packages, specialist courses and meeting like-minded campers!
10. Staycation savvy
We don’t need to talk about Brexit. Let’s talk about Britain. And how great it is. Whatever your motivations for holidaying in the UK, you’ll know that booking a hotel can be expensive and a city break in the Capital? Well, you could basically have a week in the Costa del Sol for that and that’s exactly what your mates will say. Until you get a caravan, that is. It’s good news then, that there are literally thousands of campsites within the UK including the all-singing, all-dancing seaside holiday parks, small independent campsites and a handful of sites with easy access to some of the UK’s best cities. To start you off, head to Pitchup for some ideas.
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