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BMW 3 SERIES car reviews


BMW 3 Series GT

BMW 3 Series 2.0TD (s/s) 320d Sport GT Hatchback 5dr Diesel Manual (129 g/km, 184 bhp) Hatchback (2013 - ) expert review

The BMW 3 Series GT, or 3GT, is the latest model to expand the repertoire of the UK’s benchmark executive saloon. Sitting at the pricier end of the 3 Series range, it attempts to combine the prestige of the saloon and practicality of the Touring with the rear space of a 5 Series to offer more emphasis on comfort, luxury and refinement.

Date added: Tuesday 14 May 2013.

BMW 3 Series Touring estate

BMW 3 Series 2.0TD (s/s) 320d M Sport Touring 5dr Diesel Manual (125 g/km, 184 bhp) Estate (2010 - ) expert review

The BMW 3 Series Touring estate is one of the most convincing cars on sale, barely putting a foot wrong. It’s practical, economical and exciting to drive.

Date added: Wednesday 10 October 2012.

BMW 3-Series saloon

BMW 3 Series 2.0TD (s/s) 320d M Sport Saloon 4dr Diesel Manual (120 g/km, 184 bhp) Saloon (2011 - ) expert review

The march of the BMW 3 Series continues. Every area has now been honed, but it’s the ride, refinement and economy which have gone to another level.

Date added: Friday 10 February 2012.

BMW 3 Series Saloon

BMW 3 Series 2.0TD 318d SE Saloon 4dr Diesel Manual (119 g/km, 143 bhp) Saloon (2008 - 2012) expert review

The BMW 3 Series saloon is top of its class for dynamics, while build quality, ergonomics and reliability are excellent too. However, purchase and running costs are high.

Date added: Friday 03 December 2010.

BMW 3 Series Touring estate

BMW 3 Series 2.0TD 320d ES Touring 5dr Diesel Manual (128 g/km, 184 bhp) Estate (2008 - 2013) expert review

The BMW 3 Series Touring has it all: bomb-proof build quality, excellent dynamics and a sky-high image. But despite the desirability, it must be said that the purchase price and running costs can be high.

Date added: Monday 29 November 2010.

BMW 3 Series Convertible

BMW 3 Series 2.0TD 320d SE Convertible 2dr Diesel Automatic (149 g/km, 184 bhp) Convertible (2010 - ) expert review

The BMW 3 Series convertible is classy, discreet, desirable and great to drive. It’s expensive too, but reassuringly so.

Date added: Thursday 11 November 2010.

BMW M3 Saloon

BMW 3 Series 4.0 M3 4dr Saloon (2005 - 2009) expert review

The iconic BMW M3 now blends supercar pace with the everyday usability of a family saloon. Despite competition from the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG and Lexus IS F, the M3 remains king.

Date added: Thursday 27 August 2009.

BMW 3 Series Coupe

BMW M3 Convertible

BMW 3 Series 4.0 M3 2dr DCT Convertible (2010 - ) expert review

A BMW M3 with a folding hardtop? All the better for enjoying the noise, but the M3 Convertible loses some of its core driving appeal without its roof.

Date added: Monday 29 September 2008.

BMW M3 Coupe

BMW 3 Series 4.0 M3 2dr M DCT Coupe (2005 - ) expert review

Although the original BMW M3 was a road-going race car, this latest version is more comfortable and usable. Thanks to the 4-litre V8 under the bonnet, it's also much more powerful too.

Date added: Wednesday 02 April 2008.



Classic ads: BMW 3 Series

You might remember, a couple of months back, one instalment of this series in which we discussed a mid-’90s advert for the Audi A4. If you do, you’ll also remember that the premise of that ad was a cheeky jibe at BMW’s expense – a unbearably slick city type who, it turned out, was test driving an A4, and decided it wasn’t for him.

Date added: Wednesday 13 November 2013.


New four-wheel drive BMW 3 Series reviewed

The BMW 3 Series is a consistent big-seller in this country, and a large part of its appeal is how the rear-wheel-drive chassis makes it drive. This characteristic is one that BMW has been keen to play on, which is why, although there have been four-wheel-drive 3s on the continent for a decade, BMW never sold them in the UK - until now.

Date added: Friday 09 August 2013.


Updates for BMW’s 2013 range

Updates for the 2013 BMW 1-Series, 3-Series and X1 have been announced. The company’s best-selling 3-series Touring will get two new petrol and two new diesel powerplants. Meanwhile, the UK will also be getting four-wheel drive versions of the 3-series touring and 1-series hatch. 2013 will also see the UK debut of a petrol version of the BMW X1.

Date added: Thursday 17 January 2013.


62-plate wish list: BMW 3 Series Touring

It’s funny, that as car manufacturers seek to fill every market niche with new model types – crossovers, four-door coupes, 4x4 estate cars and the like – it seems harder and harder to find a car that is a jack of all trades.

Date added: Wednesday 08 August 2012.