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BMW 3 Series car reviews



BMW 3 Series Touring estate (2012 – ) expert review

The BMW 3 Series Touring estate is one of the most convincing cars on sale, barely putting a foot wrong. It’s practical, economical and exciting to drive.

Date added: Wednesday 10 October 2012.


BMW 3 Series saloon (2012 – ) expert review

The march of the BMW 3 Series continues. Every area has now been honed, but it’s the ride, refinement and economy which have gone to another level.

Date added: Friday 10 February 2012.


BMW 3 Series saloon (2005 – 2012) expert review

The BMW 3 Series saloon is top of its class for dynamics, while build quality, ergonomics and reliability are excellent too. However, purchase and running costs are high.

Date added: Friday 03 December 2010.


BMW 3 Series Touring estate (2005 – 2012) expert review

The BMW 3 Series Touring has it all: bomb-proof build quality, excellent dynamics and a sky-high image. But despite the desirability, it must be said that the purchase price and running costs can be high.

Date added: Monday 29 November 2010.


BMW 3 Series Convertible (2007 – 2013) expert review

The BMW 3 Series convertible is classy, discreet, desirable and great to drive. It’s expensive too, but reassuringly so.

Date added: Thursday 11 November 2010.


BMW 3 Series (1998-2005) used car guide

The 1998-2008 BMW 3 Series saloon is one of the UK’s best selling cars. It is a mid-sized four-door saloon car that rivals the Mercedes C Class, Audi A4 and Ford Mondeo. While the model is known as the 3 Series, BMW refers to individual cars by a number, including 316, 318, 320, 325, 328, 330.

Date added: Friday 30 July 2010.


BMW 3 Series coupe (2006 – 2013) expert review

Pros Brilliant engines Fantastic to drive Good level of equipment Cons Uninspiring interior High running costs Harsh ride on some models Full Review 1. Exterior Ubiquity may have dulled its appeal, but the BMW 3 Series Coupe is an undeniably handsome car. From it’s hunkered down, rakish lines and those ‘angel eye’ headlights, it is excellently proportioned. The M Sport bodykit and 18-inch alloy wheels [...]

Date added: Thursday 23 April 2009.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 320d M Sport car review

Ten Point Test Auto Trader Ten Point Test rating: 84% The BMW 3-series has established itself as the best seller in the compact executive class. Brits love the badge – especially on this model. But would we fall under its spell? Auto Trader Web Editor Adrian Higgins drove the M Sport diesel saloon model to find out. 1. [...]

Date added: Friday 19 January 2007.



Classic ads: BMW 3 Series

You might remember, a couple of months back, one instalment of this series in which we discussed a mid-’90s advert for the Audi A4. If you do, you’ll also remember that the premise of that ad was a cheeky jibe at BMW’s expense – a unbearably slick city type who, it turned out, was test driving an A4, and decided it wasn’t for him.

Date added: Wednesday 13 November 2013.


New four-wheel drive BMW 3 Series reviewed

The BMW 3 Series is a consistent big-seller in this country, and a large part of its appeal is how the rear-wheel-drive chassis makes it drive. This characteristic is one that BMW has been keen to play on, which is why, although there have been four-wheel-drive 3s on the continent for a decade, BMW never sold them in the UK - until now.

Date added: Friday 09 August 2013.


Updates for BMW’s 2013 range

Updates for the 2013 BMW 1-Series, 3-Series and X1 have been announced. The company’s best-selling 3-series Touring will get two new petrol and two new diesel powerplants. Meanwhile, the UK will also be getting four-wheel drive versions of the 3-series touring and 1-series hatch. 2013 will also see the UK debut of a petrol version of the BMW X1.

Date added: Thursday 17 January 2013.


62-plate wish list: BMW 3 Series Touring

It’s funny, that as car manufacturers seek to fill every market niche with new model types – crossovers, four-door coupes, 4x4 estate cars and the like – it seems harder and harder to find a car that is a jack of all trades.

Date added: Wednesday 08 August 2012.