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BMW 3 SERIES car reviews


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Top 5 compact executive saloons

Auto Trader picks five of its favourite compact executive saloons

Date added: Tuesday 14 April 2015.


Classic ads: BMW 3 Series

You might remember, a couple of months back, one instalment of this series in which we discussed a mid-’90s advert for the Audi A4. If you do, you’ll also remember that the premise of that ad was a cheeky jibe at BMW’s expense – a unbearably slick city type who, it turned out, was test driving an A4, and decided it wasn’t for him.

Date added: Wednesday 13 November 2013.


New four-wheel drive BMW 3 Series reviewed

The BMW 3 Series is a consistent big-seller in this country, and a large part of its appeal is how the rear-wheel-drive chassis makes it drive. This characteristic is one that BMW has been keen to play on, which is why, although there have been four-wheel-drive 3s on the continent for a decade, BMW never sold them in the UK - until now.

Date added: Friday 09 August 2013.


Top five April new car deals

New car buyers always go into overdrive at this time of year, because everyone wants to get their hands on a car with a brand new registration plate. However, if you can live with a 62-plate rather than a spangly new 13-plate, there’s some serious money to be saved as dealers try to shift their existing stock.

Date added: Wednesday 03 April 2013.