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Advice 2 months ago

How to spot a flood-damaged car

Floods have caused chaos in recent years, and it's possible that flood-damaged cars could make it on to the used car market, but following our tips should help you steer clear of a potentially dangerous buy.
Advice 3 months ago

Should I buy a new, nearly new or used car?

Our research has shown that many car buyers don’t worry about whether they want a new or a used car, all they’re concerned with is getting their next car. So, what are the pros and cons of new, nearly new and used cars?
Advice 3 months ago

How can I decide which is the right car for me?

There are plenty of things to consider when you’re deciding which car is right for you – and plenty of cars to consider, whatever your particular list of criteria. We reckon you can start to narrow down your shortlist by thinking of the following things...
Advice 3 months ago

How to use Auto Trader’s Owner Reviews

Looked at alongside Auto Trader’s Expert Reviews and First Drives, our collections of thousands of Owner Reviews will give you the complete picture of what any car you might be interested in is like to live with.
Advice 6 months ago

Which body style is right for me?

From SUV to MPV, and from hatchback to saloon, the car market is full of choices. But, which is the right one for you? Our film will explain all.
Advice 8 months ago

The MOT test - everything you need to know

For anyone with a car of more than three years old, the annual MOT test is a fact of motoring life, but how much do you actually know about it? Our video will tell you all you need to know.
How to charge an electric car Advice 9 months ago

How to charge an electric car

Possibly the greatest barrier to someone considering an electric car or plug-in hybrid is charging. How easy is it? Where can you do it? How can you do it? And, how long does it take? These are just the kind of questions we’ll answer in our video below.
Advice 10 months ago

The hazard perception test

Budding drivers need to tackle the hazard perception test as part of their theory. But what is it and how can you ace it?
Advice 10 months ago

Pass Plus explained

Passing your driving test is just the beginning. The Pass Plus course readies new motorists for night time, rural and motorway driving.
Advice 10 months ago

How to choose a driving instructor

Your first time behind the wheel can be quite a daunting and exciting experience, so finding the right instructor to guide you through the process is crucial