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What Is Each Generation's
Dream Car?

Dream cars come in all shapes and sizes; practical-minded people may be dreaming about a big boot and economical engine, whilst tech lovers could be craving adaptive cruise control and automatic braking. There are lots of factors that shape what our perfect car would be, everything from where we grew up to our favourite TV shows and movies. Our dream cars can also be influenced by our age; our opinions on the world grow and develop as we get older, and our dream car choices can reflect this too.

In our latest study, we have explored what vehicles are most commonly regarded as the dream cars of today, and whether dream cars change between generations.

Using Pinterest board data (one of the most popular social media platforms for collating inspiring ambitions) our research reveals which car manufacturer has been added to people's vision boards the most. And to dig deeper into the generational differences in dream cars, we also surveyed 300 people from five different generation groups to discover each age group's most lusted-after vehicle.

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Britain's Most Popular 'Dream Cars'

With so many world-renowned automotive brands established in Britain, we were curious to find out which manufacturer Britain would crown as their dream car maker.

We asked 1,500 people based in the UK to name their 'dream car' brand, bearing in mind that “money is no object”. The resounding response was… an Audi. When further questioned as to which particular model they most longed for, the majority of respondents singled out the Audi A3 as the car they want to drive the most.

The Country's Top 15

Dream Car
Makes & Models

Rank Car
#1 Audi A3
#2 Ford Fiesta
#3 Volkswagen Golf
#4 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
#5 BMW X5
#6 Tesla Model S
#7 Porsche 911
#8 Aston Martin DB9
#9 Nissan GT-R
#10 Lamborghini Aventador
#11 Jaguar E-Type
#12 Bugatti Veyron
#13 Rolls Royce Phantom
#14 Ferrari F40
#15 Mazda MX5

#1 Audi

As one of the top luxury car makers in the world, the German manufacturer has become well-known for its attractive designs and is a change leader in the auto industry. The manufacturer is responsible for championing LED headlights, the “virtual cockpit” and more recently, it has been at the forefront of autonomous driving technology. Audi was the most popular 'dream car' brand amongst respondents, with over one in ten people naming it as their dream car brand.

#2 Ford

Second on the list is Ford, which was named as a dream car brand by one in 12 people. The American brand was founded by Henry Ford in his hometown of Detroit in 1896. The research revealed that Ford Fiesta is the most desired model from the manufacturer - sadly though, despite this model being repeatedly named as the best-selling car in the UK and other countries across the world, the much-beloved Fiesta will stop being produced in June 2023.

#3 Volkswagen

Claiming bronze as the UK's third favourite dream car is Volkswagen, named by one in 13 people as the car brand they most want to buy if money was no object. The affectionately nicknamed 'VW' German brand is praised for producing sturdy and reliable cars that stand the test of time. Volkswagen-loving Britons singled out the Golf as the most popular VW dream car, followed by the Polo and then the Beetle.

Completing the top five car brands that the UK aspires to own are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In fourth place is Mercedes-Benz, with the G-class wagon being outed as the model people want the most. BMW is in fifth place with the X5 coming out as its most-wanted model.

The other manufacturers that round out the top ten list include Tesla (6th), Porsche (7th), Aston Martin (8th), Nissan (9th), and Lamborghini (10th).

Every Generation's Dream Car

By surveying a minimum of 300 people per generation, our study was able to reveal the dream car brands of five different age groups.

Audi came out as the dream car brand for all generations except one. Audis are the dream car manufacturer for Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers and the Silent Generation, but the majority of those born between 1965 and 1980, aka Generation X, named Ford as their dream car brand.

Gen Z's Dream Car

For those born between 1997 and 2012, also known as Gen Z, Audi takes the top spot as the dreamiest vehicle brand to drive, with one in six people in this age group naming it as their ideal car brand. Whilst Ford takes second place in the general population's rankings, it does not feature in the top three dream brands for Gen Z's. Those spots instead are occupied by Tesla and Volkswagen in joint second place. Despite Tesla cars coming with a pretty hefty price tag, the green engineering of the brand is likely to have a huge appeal to the younger generation who are leading the way in the eco-revolution.

Millennials' Dream Car

For Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996), Audi once again features as the most popular dream car brand. It's the most desired vehicle brand for one in nine Millennials, with the next most popular dream brand - Volkswagen - topping the list for one in eleven Millennials. Third place in the Millennials' dream car brand rankings is BMW.

Gen X's Dream Car

Gen X is the only age group that doesn't hail Audi as their number one manufacturer; instead, Ford takes the top spot with one in 10 people born between 1965 and 1980 naming it as their dream car manufacturer. Audi takes the second place for Gen X, followed by Volkswagen.

Baby Boomers' Dream Car

Although Audi also claims the top spot for Baby Boomers, their second and third dreamiest vehicle brands are completely original. The second-choice dream car brand for Baby Boomers is the luxury manufacturer Aston Martin, a global brand that prides itself on being synonymous with style, performance and exclusivity. Third for Boomers is Mercedes-Benz, which was named as their dream manufacturer by one in 13 people from this demographic (anyone born from 1946 to 1964).

The Silent Generation's Dream Car

Finally, for the Silent Generation (those born in 1945 or earlier), Mercedes-Benz is the car brand that they associate with being the ultimate set of wheels, with almost 21% of those surveyed naming it their dream brand. Luxury labels lead the way for the more mature drivers, as Jaguar is revealed as second on the list for this age group, followed by Ferrari.

According To Pinterest

The World's Dream
Car Brands

Rank Car Brand Name
#1 Jeep 998
#2 Lamborghini 992
#3 BMW 921
#4 Jaguar 888
#5 Mercedes-Benz 866
#6 Audi 861
#7 Ford 364
#8 Porsche 320
#9 Ferrari 215
#10 Mini 199

#1 Jeep

According to Pinterest board data, the world's dream car manufacturer is a Jeep. There are nearly 1,000 Pinterest 'dream car' vision boards dedicated to this popular four-wheel-drive. Jeeps are not only famed for their rugged off-roading reliability, but they also come with strong street cred thanks to the customisable features of the brand. Social media is awash with either influencers posing in front of matte black Jeeps parked up on edgy urban streets, or travel enthusiasts exploring sandy landscapes and jungle treks.

#2 Lamborghini

Lamborghinis are the second-most dreamy cars. They are adored by the rich and famous, notably A-listers such as Justin Bieber who owns a hot pink 'Lambo'; Kim Kardashian who has a Mansory widebody Lamborghini Urus, and Nicki Minaj's bubblegum pink Lamborghini - as well as many more. There is no wonder that this manufacturer is held up as an aspirational brand when they are owned by so many global celebrities.

#3 BMW

Also claiming a spot on the podium is BMW with 921 Pinterest 'dream car' mood boards dedicated to the premium manufacturer. Cars made by BMW quickly became a hot commodity after being the manufacturer of choice for the world's leading secret agent and bachelor, James Bond, between 1995 - 1999. BMWs have since continued to appeal to the masses with their best-selling models such as the BMW 3 Series and the BMW i4 M50.

#4 Jaguar

Another manufacturer made famous by James Bond, Jaguar, comes in fourth place in the top five dream car brand list. There are 888 Pinterest 'dream car' mood boards dedicated to Jaguar, with many of the pins on the boards featuring the famous 007 Jaguar E-Type in British Racing Green, as well as the Jaguar C-X75 which famously made an appearance in Spectre (2015). With prices for a Jaguar starting from around £30,000, it's no wonder that so many people consider this as an aspirational manufacturer.
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#5 Mercedes-Benz

Completing the top five list is the Mercedes-Benz which has 866 Pinterest 'dream car' vision boards dedicated to the brand. The German manufacturer has been engineering world-class cars since 1926 and has established itself as a household name around the globe. From the Pinterest analysis, we found that the most 'pinned' models are the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the GLS, alongside more classic designs like the souped-up Mercedes-Benz 230 (W 123).


For the Pinterest research, we analysed the number of live published Pinterest boards which include ['dream car' + 'brand name'] in their title, for over 200 different car brands. The number of boards created per brand was sorted from highest to lowest to reveal which brand has the most 'dream car' boards dedicated to it, and thus dubbed the world's 'dream car'.

We ran a Censuswide survey of 1,500 British people (aged 17 and above) to reveal which car brand Britain hails as their dream car if money wasn't an object. We ensured that of those surveyed, at least 300 respondents from five different generations were interviewed to ensure a fair representation of each generation.

All data correct May 2023.