AT12MARHow far can the MINI brand be stretched? From the bread-van like MINI Clubman to the pseudo off-roading MINI Countryman,  it would seem that the company is moving further and further away from the simple, driver oriented ethos of the original.

Thankfully, the new MINI Coupe seeks to right some of the wrongs of its forebears. Sitting low and with the swept back profile that gives a hunkered down look, the Coupe’s intent is clear: it is a sharpened up, focussed version of the already fine handling MINI Hatch.

It’s available with the same engine line-up as the hatchback, from the frugal Cooper SD model to the hardcore John Cooper Works, meaning there is performance and economy to suit all tastes. The interior is largely unchanged too, meaning quality plastics and sturdy construction but a design that may be too retro-inspired for some.

The removal of the hatchback’s (tiny) rear seats has – strangely – boosted practicality. The Coupe’s boot is much larger with a better load shape and there is more room for passengers in this strict two seater. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t ever use their rear seats (and if you’re considering a MINI then clearly you don’t) and you like the thought of a car with a roof-line designed to look as though it’s wearing a baseball cap back to front, then we’d recommend the Coupe wholeheartedly.

12-plate wish list

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Feb 13: Subaru XV

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Feb 15: MINI Coupe

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Feb 17: MINI Coupe (video)

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