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Volkswagen Golf car reviews



Volkswagen Golf Estate (2013 – ) expert review

The Volkswagen Golf Estate has grown in size and now offers more space than some cars from the class above. It also has a class-leading interior and great image.

Date added: Thursday 18 July 2013.


Volkswagen Golf (2012 – ) expert review

When the small family car market is strewn with forgotten models and new pretenders, the Volkswagen Golf endures and improves. This seventh generation Golf may not be radical but it is rarefied, being bigger, lighter, safer and more fuel efficient than its predecessor to help broaden appeal even further.

Date added: Wednesday 10 October 2012.


Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet convertible (2011 – ) expert review

Finally, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is back. With a quick roof, excellent engines and a sturdy chassis, we expect it to be just as successful as its predecessors and upset its rivals.

Date added: Friday 06 May 2011.


Volkswagen Golf R hatchback (2009 – 2014) expert review

The Golf R is nothing like the Focus RS. It's subtle and quiet, with four-instead of front-wheel drive for a surefooted drive. Great car, but the Golf GTI is better value.

Date added: Monday 15 November 2010.


Volkswagen Golf (2004-2008) used car guide

The 2004-2008 Volkswagen Golf was a top-selling three or five-door family hatchback, which offers plenty of space, is exciting to drive and is well built. Wide range of petrol and diesel engines, Bluemotion models return more than 60 miles per gallon, and are currently free to tax, three or five door hatchback models available, well built, with a solid-feeling interior, feels like a far larger car to drive, GTI model is one of the most involving fast hatchbacks to drive

Date added: Tuesday 31 August 2010.


Volkswagen Golf Estate (2009 – 2013) expert review

The Volkswagen Golf Estate adds increased practicality to one of Britain’s best-loved cars. It’s built to last, practical and versatile.

Date added: Saturday 06 February 2010.


Volkswagen Golf GTI hatchback (2009 – 2013) expert review

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is an icon on Britain’s roads and this latest incarnation further cements its legendary status.

Date added: Friday 24 July 2009.


Volkswagen Golf hatchback (2009 – 2012) expert review

The Volkswagen Golf is smart looking, well built and good to drive. And with typical Volkswagen build quality and reliability and it’s not difficult to see why it has become an icon.

Date added: Tuesday 24 March 2009.


Volkswagen Golf R32 car review

The Volkswagen Golf R32 is the car for when the Golf GTi just isn't enough. It might be a little faster, a little more comfortable and a little more exclusive, but for performance junkies, these little bits add up to a lot. Powered by a big 3.2-litre V6 engine, the Golf R32 features Volkswagen's acclaimed 4Motion four-wheel drive system making it a stunning cross country cruiser. We spent several hundred miles behind the wheel to find out if it's just a posh GTi or something entirely different.

Date added: Saturday 24 May 2008.


Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion 1.9TDi car review

Volkswagen’s BlueMotion badge was first introduced at the launch of the ultra-efficient diesel Polo last year, and Volkswagen plan to offer nine BlueMotion models by the end of 2008. Andy Goodwin has just driven the Polo’s big brother, the Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion, which is the most important of the batch, thanks to the Golf’s wide appeal and sales success across the UK. Volkswagen hasn’t taken the Toyota approach of designing advanced hybrid technologies, instead sticking with the formula it used to create the Polo BlueMotion – using a tried and tested diesel engine in the most efficient way possible.

Date added: Thursday 24 April 2008.



188mpg Volkswagen Golf GTE first drive review

Andy Pringle reviews the plug-in hybrid VW Golf GTE

Date added: Thursday 04 September 2014.


Volkswagen e-Golf first drive review

We review the all-electric version of VW's family hatch - the e-Golf

Date added: Wednesday 06 August 2014.


Classic Ads: Volkswagen Golf

Alex Robbins delves into the '90s to take a look at this VW Golf classic

Date added: Wednesday 18 June 2014.


Frankfurt 2013: Volkswagen e-Golf and e-up!

It was only a matter of time before the world’s biggest car maker went electric. Frankfurt has played host to the historic unveiling of the first electric e-Golf and its smaller cousin, the e-up!

Date added: Tuesday 10 September 2013.