• Popular super mini is most popular target for vandals
• Prestige brands still most likely to be damaged
• Average vandalism claim at £972.75

The Fiat 500 has become the most vandalised car in Britain, according to the 2012 Vehicle Vandalism Index.

The popular city car came first out of a top five which also included the BMW Z4, Peugeot 207, BMW X5 and Range Rover.

Despite the appearance of two ‘everyday’ cars in the top five, the index reinforces the trend that high-end and luxury cars are disproportionally targeted by vandals.

Of the top ten car brands likely to be subjected to criminal damage, six were premium brands, with the list headed by Porsche, Saab and Land Rover.

The average cost of a vandalism claim is currently £972.75, although they can reach into the thousands, with the most expensive claim this year coming to £5,604.31 for a BMW 125.

Robin Reames, Chief Claims Officer at swiftcover.com, offered advice to drivers: “While vandalism is difficult to prevent, there are several measures that motorists can take to protect their cars and make them less likely to be targeted. Firstly, anyone lucky enough to have a garage should use it regularly to keep their car safe. Special sheets designed to cover cars are an inexpensive way to make your car less prominent, and a motion activated light will deter would-be thieves as well as vandals.”

By Daljinder Nagra

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