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First published: 13th July 2015


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Tips on selling a used car safely

Watch our short film to see Auto Trader's Editor-in-chief Jon Quirk guide you through three top tips that will help ensure that you stay safe when you're selling a used car

First published: 13th July 2015
Selling your car yourself can seem pretty daunting, but here are three key points to stay safe and sell your car quickly.
Be honest
It’s against the law to mis-describe a car, so be fair and accurate in your advert. The more accurate a picture you paint, the more likely you are to sell your car.

Then, before you let anyone near the car, make sure it’s clean and tidy, and collect up all the paperwork.
Be aware of fraudulent buyers
Sometimes thieves pose as potential buyers, so stay sharp, and beware of scammers posing as remote buyers keen to pay the full amount if you pay a refundable transport fee.

Phishing is another scam, where an email tries to trick you into giving out private information. To safeguard yourself, use our Protect My Number feature, only communicate using our customer-to-customer facility and never share personal or financial details; and, if you do receive a suspicious email, let us know.
Keep the keys until you’re paid
Once you have agreed a price with a buyer, never hand over your keys and paperwork until your bank confirms the full value has cleared into your account.

Online bank transfers are the best way to get paid, but you have to provide the buyer with your bank details, which you may not be happy to do. Cash is an alternative, but arrange for the handover to happen at a bank; and if you accept a cheque or banker’s draft, get proof of the buyer’s name and address – just in case you need to chase them up.