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First published: 15th April 2015


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How do I make sure I’m getting the proper value for my part-exchange?

Don't ruin a good deal on a new car by being short-changed on the value of your current car

First published: 15th April 2015
When you’re buying a new car, it’s all too easy to overlook the part-exchange, if you have one. After all, it’s madness to secure a good price on the new car, only to throw it all away by being short-changed on the value of your part-exchange.
The first thing to do is to make sure your part-ex is in good condition, but after that it’s a question of research and negotiating with the dealer.

Fortunately, the research bit is easy. Not only can you get valuations for used cars for free online (including on this website), you can also scour the classifieds to see how much similar cars are being advertised for.

Naturally, there’s a lot that goes into the value of a used car – everything from its condition, age and mileage to its colour – but you can soon see how fair a price you’re being offered, and have evidence to hand to use as a bargaining tool.
  • TOP TIP – Scour classifieds sites online to see how much your part-ex is worth
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