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Volkswagen Golf GTD (2013 – ) expert review

As a jack-of-all-trades, the VW Golf GTD is second to none. It’s fast, efficient, stylish and practical, while still managing to entertain through the bends and be a comfortable motorway cruiser or urban commuter. Still want that GTI?

Date added: Thursday 24 October 2013.


Volkswagen Golf Estate (2013 – ) expert review

The Volkswagen Golf Estate has grown in size and now offers more space than some cars from the class above. It also has a class-leading interior and great image.

Date added: Thursday 18 July 2013.


Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet (2013 – ) expert review

The ageing New Beetle has been replaced, and now the Cabriolet is here, with an excellent folding soft top and zippy, efficient engines. The interior is top notch too.

Date added: Thursday 21 February 2013.


Volkswagen Golf (2012 – ) expert review

When the small family car market is strewn with forgotten models and new pretenders, the Volkswagen Golf endures and improves. This seventh generation Golf may not be radical but it is rarefied, being bigger, lighter, safer and more fuel efficient than its predecessor to help broaden appeal even further.

Date added: Wednesday 10 October 2012.


Volkswagen Passat Alltrack estate (2012 – ) expert review

The Passat Alltrack can go pretty much anywhere a traditional 4x4 can, but is just as civilised as a normal estate car on the road.

Date added: Wednesday 07 March 2012.


Volkswagen CC saloon (2012 – ) expert review

The Volkswagen CC boasts stunning good looks and a premium, luxury feel. It’s well equipped, with a model to suit a wide range of budgets.

Date added: Friday 03 February 2012.


Volkswagen Up hatchback (2011 – ) expert review

The Volkswagen Up is as good as city cars get, enjoyable to drive and with class-leading quality and refinement. Its funky style and attractive prices make it a very appealing prospect for city-car buyers

Date added: Friday 21 October 2011.


Volkswagen Beetle hatchback (2011 – ) expert review

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is the third incarnation of VW’s most iconic car and takes a step back to the 1938 original in terms of styling, plus a step forward from the New Beetle in terms of driving and practicality.

Date added: Wednesday 20 July 2011.


Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet convertible (2011 – ) expert review

Finally, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is back. With a quick roof, excellent engines and a sturdy chassis, we expect it to be just as successful as its predecessors and upset its rivals.

Date added: Friday 06 May 2011.


Volkswagen Eos convertible (2006 – ) expert review

The Volkswagen Eos is a smart, stylish upmarket convertible with a premium feel and a clever metal folding roof.

Date added: Wednesday 23 March 2011.

Volkswagen news


Geneva 2014: Volkswagen Scirocco

A more powerful and efficient update to the existing sports coupe from VW. The Volkswagen Scirocco has been a strong seller thanks to its looks, performance and premium feel, and the latest tweaks bring subtle improvements. As before, an R version will sit at the top of the range, offering sports car levels of performance.

Date added: Tuesday 04 March 2014.


Geneva 2014: Volkswagen Golf GTE

This is first-ever hybrid Volkswagen Golf, which marks a new chapter in the heritage of the iconic model. The Golf GTE is no slouch either, coming in close behind the GTI in performance and promising an exciting driving experience, as well as reduced bills.

Date added: Tuesday 04 March 2014.


Hybrid VW Golf GTE first details

First details of the Volkswagen Golf GTE – a plug-in hybrid version of the hot Golf GTI – have been revealed this week. It mates a 1.4-litre petrol engine with an electric motor to provide decent performance along with impressive economy and efficiency rates.

Date added: Friday 21 February 2014.


Classic ads: Volkswagen Polo

If you’re a regular reader, you may remember that last week we brought you a super-high tech vision of the future in the form of an early ’80s Vauxhall Astra advert. Well, this week we’ve a ‘chalk and cheese’ contrast for you in the form of this beautifully simple Volkswagen ad which dates from around the same time

Date added: Wednesday 12 February 2014.