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1 owner review for FERRARI TESTAROSSA Coupe 1985‑1992


The score doesn't do it justice at all.

FERRARI TESTAROSSA 2dr (Review date: 18th September '11)


The list of problems with this car is nigh on endless. It's unreliable. It's not practical in the slightest. Reverse gear is impossible to use, but that's no problem seeing as it's the same story with the clutch. 2nd gear doesn't work for the first 5-10mins of driving, as the gearbox has to warm up first. The cabin gets really very warm in summer, to say the least. The controls are very heavy. It's terrifying when around town, as almost everything could potentially harm the rare and valuable Ferrari. It costs about £2k+ per year to service it. It gulps down petrol like you wouldn't believe. The engine is very noisy. The seats are so low that you're practically laying down inside. It can be hard to see out of. It is completely incapable at going over speed bumps. And it's very wide.

And, you know what, I don't care in the slightest. Not at all. This is a huge and blatantly obvious cliché I know, but this car is all about beauty, exclusivity and Italian soul and passion. It's not built to be an easy town runabout, it's not built to be as reliable as a wood burner, or to be practical. It's built to be...special. Oh yeah, and one other small detail.

Here's a clue about that small detail. The colossal, shouty 4.9-litre 48v flat-12 engine punches out 395 angry Italian ponies, which is enough to blast the car to 60mph in only a tiny smidge over 5 seconds, and to 185mph if you have a long enough straight (and I know this, as I've done it on a big straight on a track day). And enough high-octane petrol in the tank. Did you guess it? Yep, you're right, supercar performance.

This car, as I have said, just feels special. It's absolutely perfect for weekend drives on either quiet country roads or track days. It's not to be used as an everyday car, but as a 'weekend' car. As this, it's just perfect for the job, and worth every penny, no matter how much you spend on it.


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How many stars is your car worth? Tell us what you think, write an owner review.