BMW 3 Series coupeYou don’t have to sacrifice practicality to enjoy a healthy dose of style. All you need to do is buy a coupe, which offers the best of all worlds.

Here we present the 10 best used coupes, as chosen by those who own them and have taken the time to write an Auto Trader Owner Review. With prices ranging from just £600 to £60,000, there’s something for everyone.

1. Audi TT (2006 – )

Audi TT£13,000 – £57,000
Owner rating: 4.6/5

It’s often said that all modern cars look the same, but nobody could accuse the Audi TT of resembling anything else, as it’s one of the most distinctive shapes on the road. But Audi’s sportster isn’t just a pretty face, as there’s plenty of substance to back up the style.

Fast, refined, beautifully built and safe, the TT is also surprisingly practical thanks to its hatchback configuration. Buyers wanting economy can opt for a frugal 168bhp 2-litre TDi engine, while those seeking performance can choose between a 197bhp turbocharged 2-litre petrol engine or a 247bhp 3.2-litre V6 unit. Power junkies could also opt for the 268bhp 2-litre TTS or the 335bhp 2.5-litre TT-RS.

“A great car which can be used everyday with ease.” Matt, Aylesbury
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Mercedes C-Class (2001 – 2008)

Mercedes C-Class coupe£3,000 – £15,000
Owner rating: 4.5/5

While the Mercedes C-Class has often sat in the shadows of the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, it’s a great car with some brilliant engines and is surprisingly well equipped. Early cars weren’t as well made as you’d expect, with post-2004 cars generally built to much higher standards.

As is typical with Mercedes, there’s no shortage of engine choices, ranging from a 129bhp 2-litre petrol in the C180 to a 272bhp 3.5-litre V6 in the C350 – the UK didn’t get an AMG C Class coupe. There was a 2148cc diesel option though, badged C200 CDi or C220 CDi depending on power output. It’s best to opt for an automatic version and if possible buy a facelifted car, from  September 2006.

“This car drives beautifully, is reliable, comfortable and stylish.” Wilfred, Cockermouth
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Ford Puma (1997 – 2002)

Ford Puma£600 – £4,000
Owner rating: 4.5/5

It’s easy to see why the Ford Puma is so highly rated by owners, even though it’s now been out of production for almost a decade. This Fiesta-based firecracker is great fun to drive and it’s also reliable too, although you need to make sure you don’t buy a car that’s been thrashed as the Puma is popular with enthusiast owners.

Choose from a 1.4 or 1.7-litre petrol engines offered throughout production, with various special editions along the way. Most collectable of the lot is the Racing Puma, with just 500 made. Packing a 152bhp punch, this hard-core model is sought aftern and is available for just £3,000.

“Reliable and great fun to drive, it feels very responsive and holds the road really well. Also great to drive on long distances.” Ateeq, Derby
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Mercedes CLK (2002 – 2009)

Mercedes CLK£5,000 – £30,000
Owner rating: 4.4/5

When it comes to relatively attainable premium cars, nothing can top a Mercedes. Generally seen as a cut above posh rivals, that three-pointed star is very appealing, and when a car looks as good as the Mercedes CLK it’s easy to see why. But despite its popularity with Auto Trader readers, the second-generation CLK wasn’t always as well built as it should have been.

Potential glitches aside, the CLK blends practicality, style, comfort and ease of use with some excellent engines, ranging from the 163bhp C200K to the monstrous 367bhp V8 in the CLK55 AMG – later upgraded to a 507bhp V8 in the CLK63 AMG. For those seeking economy though, there were 2.2-, 2.7- or 3.2-litre diesels. Once again, stick to high-spec automatics only.

“If you like a complete package of looks, style, performance, quality and economy, this is the car.” Andrew, Tadworth
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Volvo C30 (2007 – )

Volvo C30£6,000 – £21,000
Owner rating: 4.4/5

Small hatches are big business right now, as many used car buyers rush to downsize. Buyers have swarmed towards hatchbacks but the Volvo C30’s talents have largely been overlooked.

A distinctive small coupe that’s good to drive, solidly built and well-equipped, the C30 can be bought in tyre-smoking T5 form, with a 217bhp turbocharged five-cylinder engine. There are 1.6-, 1.8- and 2-litre petrol engines too, but most popular are the diesel units. These include 2- and 2.4-litre options, plus the ultra-frugal 1.6-litre which is also available in tax-busting DRIVe form.

“A great looking car ideal for short and long journeys, very comfortable and also very economical.” David, Oxford
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Audi A5 Coupe (2007 – )

Audi A5 coupe£14,000 – £42,000
Owner rating: 4.4/5

When it comes to stylish coupes, few can compete with the Audi A5. It’s already four years since the first examples of this svelte grand tourer arrived in the UK, and while values haven’t dropped enough to call the A5 a bargain, the car is more affordable than it’s ever been.

The A5 is also safe, reliable, highly equipped and the epitome of good taste. And while the A5 isn’t the best driver’s car out there, as an all-rounder it’s seriously desirable. The petrol engines are powerful and smooth, but the diesels are even better. Even the entry-level 2-litre TDi unit offers ample power, but the 3-litre TDi is quite brilliant, and with standard quattro four-wheel drive it gets the power down without fuss.

“The A5 is fun to drive, great looking, practical and reasonably spacious inside.” Edwin, Richmond
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BMW 3 Series Coupe (2005 – )

BMW 3 Series coupe£10,000 – £40,000
Owner rating: 4.4/5

If a car manufacturer were to create the perfect model range starting from scratch, the chances are they’d come up with something much like the BMW 3-Series. Beautifully built and brilliant to drive, the 3-Series is also available with a huge range of engines – and if your pockets are deep enough you can have pretty much any piece of equipment you like.

Thanks to its Efficient Dynamics technology, the 3 Series is one of the most frugal model ranges around. If you’re on a budget you’ll be looking at the smaller petrol or diesel engines such as the 320i and 320d, but the power hungry can go all the way up to the fabulous 306bhp twin-turbo 3-litre 335i. Don’t overlook the 330d though – it’s the perfect blend of power and economy.

“A classic BMW that looks good, handles well, has plenty of refinement and is quick.” Barrie, Henley-on-Thames
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SMART City-Coupe (2000 – 2004)

Smart City-Coupe£1,000 – £5,500
Owner rating: 4.4/5

The SMART may be a brilliant concept, but its high purchase price steers many buyers in the direction of larger, more conventional cars. It’s brilliantly executed though, and the City-Coupe is much more usable than you’d think. It’s also amazingly safe, thanks to the incorporation of its tough Tridion safety cell.

Early cars were left-hand drive personal imports only, but these were so  popular that official cars came in from early 2002. Those early left-hand drive cars are now worth very little, and right-hand drive verions are now eminently affordable.

“Great city car which has provided us with a low cost, reliable and fun driving experience.” Sue, Shoreham-by-Sea
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BMW 3 Series Coupe (1999 – 2005)

BMW 3 Series coupe£2,000 – £15,000
Owner rating: 4.4/5

BMW managed to achieve the apparently impossible with the fourth-generation 3 Series. Despite maintaining an exclusive image, the BMW 3 Series was still regularly one of the UK’s 10 biggest sellers.

However, while the 3 Series may not be as exclusive as everyone thinks, build quality is first-rate, dynamics are superb and even the four-cylinder editions are great to drive. With plenty of engines and equipment options to choose from you’re spoiled for choice, but make sure you buy a car with a full BMW service history.

“Provided you don’t have a large family to transport, this might be the best car in the real world.” Keith, Redditch

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Nissan 350Z (2003 – 2010)

Nissan 350Z£6,000 – £20,000
Owner rating: 4.3/5

The original Z cars were all-time greats, and while the brand went off the boil for a while, the masterpiece that was the Nissan 350Z made sure it didn’t wither on the vine. With a free-revving 3.5-litre V6 up front there’s power aplenty while handling is an enthusiast’s dream – oversteer is available on demand.

Despite superb performance credentials, the 350Z is easy to drive and reliable too, and although it lacks the prestige badge of its rivals, you’re not paying premium prices to buy or run one either.

“I have owned a few sports cars over the years and can honestly say that this is the best.” John, Montrose
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