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Buying a new car

All you need to know about buying new - from car configurators to test drives and what happens at the dealership

Plug-in car grant News 1 month ago

Government extends plug-in car grant

Government's £600 million package to encourage development and purchase of ultra-low emission vehicles includes commitment to extend plug-in car grant to 2018
Advice 8 months ago

Delivery dates

You can expect a wait for any new car you order, but how long should you expect to wait, and can you shorten the time?
Advice 8 months ago

Should I pay for Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is one of several offers a dealer may try to tempt you with when completing a deal, but is it worth signing up for?
Advice 8 months ago

What is GAP Insurance?

Guaranteed Asset Protection sounds a tempting offer, but is it worth signing up for?
Advice 9 months ago

Where should I buy my new car?

It can seem as if there are as many places to buy a new car as there are new cars, and each has its pros and cons
Advice 9 months ago

Can I take an extended test drive?

There's no better way to test a car than to find out if it will fit into your life. Happily, more and more dealers will let you borrow a car for much longer than a traditional 30-minute test drive
Advice 1 year ago

Should I buy a new or used car?

Whether to go for a new car or a used model is the eternal question for many car buyers. Each option has its pros and cons, so which is the right choice for you?

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