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Jaguar F-Type Coupe (2014 – ) expert review

Very few sports cars can rival the Porsche 911, but does the Jaguar F-Type Coupe? It looks fantastic, it’s sensational to drive and, compared with the 911, it’s pretty affordable to buy. Don’t buy a 911 until you’ve at least tried one of these.

Date added: Saturday 07 June 2014.


Jaguar F-Type (2013- ) expert review

The Jaguar F-Type looks brilliant, and it’s just as good to drive. It’s not cheap, but the more money you spend, the better value for money you get.

Date added: Monday 29 April 2013.


Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2012 – ) expert review

Jaguar doesn't have much of a track record in estate cars - in fact, this is only the second one it has ever built - but the lack of experience doesn't show. Stylish, good to drive and pretty practical, the XF Sportbrake is one of the best executive estates.

Date added: Friday 02 November 2012.


Jaguar XK convertible (2006 – ) expert review

This beautiful Jaguar XK convertible offers a classic mix of high performance, elegance and wind-in-the-hair cruising. It’s as comfortable being a boulevard cruiser as it is a sports car.

Date added: Friday 03 December 2010.


Jaguar XF saloon (2008 – ) expert review

Jaguar leaps into the 21st century with the large XF saloon, thanks to its cutting edge technology and smooth, powerful engines. Prices are keen too, with all the essential kit fitted as standard.

Date added: Friday 22 October 2010.


Jaguar XJ saloon (2010 – ) expert review

The Jaguar XJ saloon offers everything we’ve come to expect from Jaguar, albeit in a fantastically stylish and modern package.

Date added: Monday 04 October 2010.


Jaguar XK coupe (2006 – ) expert review

The Jaguar XK coupe is refined, comfortable, rapid and beautiful. It is everything a Jag should be. Costs are steep though and unlike the BMW 6 Series, its rear seats are impractical.

Date added: Thursday 30 September 2010.


Jaguar XKR coupe (2006 – ) expert review

The Jaguar XKR coupe effortlessly blends everyday comfort and storming pace. It can’t match the practicality or involvement of the BMW M6, but it’s classier and a good deal cheaper.

Date added: Thursday 23 September 2010.


Jaguar XFR saloon (2009 – ) expert review

The 500bhp Jaguar XFR is an executive super-saloon offering fine handling and comfort. It’s more rounded than the BMW M5, but the Mercedes E63 AMG and Audi RS6 offer more power.

Date added: Thursday 01 July 2010.


Jaguar X-Type car review

But with the very best luxury cars also being deft of foot, can the Jaguar X-Type – which was first built in 2004 and facelifted in 2008 – mix it with the best?The Jaguar X-Type is the only luxury saloon in its class, according to its makers. And while owners of bona fide luxury cars may scoff, the X-Type has all the right ingredients: heritage, comfort and sartorial elegance.

Date added: Monday 18 August 2008.

Jaguar news


All-new Jaguar XE saloon revealed

First details of Jaguar's make-or-break small executive saloon have been revealed

Date added: Tuesday 09 September 2014.


Classic Ads: Jaguar cat-like reflexes

In this week's Classic Ads, a chicken falls fowl of a Jaguar

Date added: Thursday 31 July 2014.


Jaguar unveils fastest-ever roadcar

Jaguar unveils the F-Type Project 7 at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed

Date added: Wednesday 25 June 2014.


Jaguar F-Type Coupe first drive review

Looking at it, you’d be forgiven for thinking the F-Type Coupe was simply an F-Type Convertible with a somewhat handsome metal roof grafted on. You’d be dead wrong. Jag’s new Coupe is so much more than that.

Date added: Friday 21 March 2014.