• Cars manufactured before 1960 to gain MOT exemption
• Classic cars involved in just 0.03% of road accidents
• Voluntary MOT testing recommended

Classic and historic vehicles are to be made exempt from the MOT test, Roads Minister Mike Penning announced today.

Following a public consultation, from November 18 2012, cars manufactured before 1960 will no longer have to pass the annual check.

Owners of affected cars will still be able to request an MOT test on a voluntarily basis, to highlight any developing safety issues.

The changes are coming in light of statistics, which show that while classic cars make up 0.6 per cent of vehicles on the road, they are involved in just 0.03% of road accidents.

“We are committed to cutting out red tape which costs motorists money without providing significant overall benefits. Owners of classic cars tend to be enthusiasts who maintain their vehicles well – they don’t need to be told to look after them,” said Mike Penning, adding: “owners of classic vehicles will still be legally required to ensure that they are safe and in a proper condition to be on the road.”

Check out a selection of MOT exempt cars on Auto Trader:

VW Camper

For what started as a Volkswagen panel van, the Camper has enoyed a curiously enduring popularity. From the hippy movement to Scooby Doo, a VW Camper has been at the fore of popular culture for generations, and is now one of the vehicles eligible for MOT exemption. If you’re trying to sell the idea of a motor-home to the kids for that family holiday, you’ll do no better than this.

Chevrolet Corvette

Few model lines have stood the test of time like the Chevy Corvette. Pre sixties examples are worth big bucks these days, so it may not be the ideal car if you’re looking for a bargain classic. What you’ll get for your money is a classic cool, the likes of which the modern version simply cannot compete with, and a pukka muscle car rumble from the 5.7-litre V8 under the bonnet.

Triumph TR2

Think of fifties classics and the old names of Britain’s motoring history come to mind. The Triumph TR2 is the embodiment of the genre with its folding fabric roof and last of the summer wine styling. A top speed of over 100mph and a 0-60mph time of around 12 seconds might not sound impressive today, being on a par with low-powered city cars, but with a car that looks like this, you really don’t need power to make an entrance.

By Daljinder Nagra