No check-in, no in-flight food, no economy class seating: the case for packing up the car and getting away, rather than flying, is strong. Trouble is, unless your car is actually a bus, you’re likely to struggle with the demands of transporting your family AND their luggage for that week away.

Roof boxes can be a convenient and practical way of boosting your car’s load space, but with a bewildering array to choose from, it can be difficult to find something that’s right for you. That’s why Auto Trader has selected four key models, representing a range of different price points and features, and subjected them to the most comprehensive and rigorous testing procedures so you don’t have to. These include:

1. The best-seller: Halfords 420L
2. The premium roof box: Thule Motion 900
3. The folding roof box: Thule Ranger 90
4. The budget option: Karrite Odyssey 325

How we test roof boxes

Click the images below to find out which roof box will best suit you and your family: