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Suzuki SX4: performance and handling

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The Suzuki SX4 is a compact crossover, combining the qualities of a supermini and a sports utility vehicle.

Web Editor Adrian Higgins, who will be behind the wheel for six months, assesses its reliability.

Price: £12,395
Mileage: 2289
Fuel consumption: 44.1mpg
Average Speed: N/A

Suzuki has a very strong reputation for reliability.

It is second only to Honda at the top of the Reliability Index, the measure by which Warranty Direct rates makes and models according to the frequency and cost of repairs.

There is no specific model rating for the SX4 but nothing has occurred within our six month test to contradict the manufacturer’s lofty position.

Flat battery

Admittedly, it has included one visit to the garage, however, if anything, that reflects on design than on reliability.

On taking receipt of the car we were told that the only thing which was likely to go wrong was that, if we failed to turn the car off properly at the end of a journey, we would find our next trip delayed by a flat battery.

It’s not that difficult to do in the SX4.

Turn it through two clicks

Turn the steering wheel column-mounted ignition switch through one click and, if you don’t have the stereo on, the electrics are to all appearances, turned off – except for a blue illuminated key symbol.

This is alerting you, albeit a little subtly, to the fact the switch must be turned one click more if you don’t want to return to a flat battery.

Returning to a flat battery is exactly what one of the team’s road testers did after taking a turn at the wheel.

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Three year warranty

And while the tester was adamant they had switched the car off fully, the mechanic was equally adamant that failing to do was the cause of the problem.

The long and the short of it was, given we were covered for roadside assistance and no repair was required, it was a cost-free inconvenience and one the mechanic was convinced could have been avoided.

Other than the mystery of the flat battery our ownership of the SX4 has been entirely trouble-free.
At the time of writing the SX4 is covered by a three year/60,000 mile warranty.

Suzuki SX4: first impressions
Suzuki SX4: performance and handling

Suzuki SX4: practicality
Suzuki SX4: economy