BMW 5 SeriesThe BMW Group has issued a safety recall for 348,000 BMWs and 5,800 Rolls-Royces worldwide due to a possible braking issue.

The recall affects V8 and V12-powered 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series and Rolls Royce models built between July 2001 and November 2009.

Of the total number of cars affected, 10,522 BMWs and 905 Rolls-Royces are in the UK.

It is believed these cars may have a fault with the power-braking system. BMW says these cars are not unsafe and that car owners are not required to have their vehicle checked.

A company statement reads: “In the affected vehicles, a leak may develop in the power braking system, potentially causing a vacuum loss and consequent reduction of power braking assistance.”

Mechanical braking is still available to slow and stop the vehicle, and there have been no reported accidents or injuries.

BMW is urging concerned owners to contact their customer service department on 0800 325600.

The news comes a day after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it was investigating a potential power steering problem involving BMW Group’s Mini brand.

How to check if your car’s affected

You can check if your vehicle has been subject to an official safety recall campaign by visiting the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency’s website and inputting your car’s:
• Make and model
• Date of registration
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
• Engine number

Check the service history or contact the car’s manufacturer to ensure repair work has been completed. If the work has not been completed, the manufacturer will advise you.

For up-to-date recall information, visit the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) recall search.

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By Rhian Angharad Jones