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Bike licence rules explained

19 December 2012
Bike licence rules explained - Bike Trader UK IF you’re planning to pass your motorcycle test in the New Year then be prepared for a raft of new licences, which swing into force on Saturday 19th January 2013.


In a nutshell, the new licences prevent young riders from hopping straight onto a high-powered motorcycles until they're over 24 years old.


The basic route to a licence is still the same: you do the Motorcycle Theory Test, followed by Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and then the Module 1 and Module 2 Practical Riding Tests. However, from 19th January 2013, newcomers are governed by tighter, age-related restrictions regarding the size of machine they can ride once they have a licence.


Those aged between 17 and 19 will be restricted to 125cc and 15bhp.


Upon reaching 19-years-old, you must now take another Practical Riding Test, allowing you to ride a motorcycle with up to 47bhp. This riding test must be conducted on a bike at least 385cc, producing between 33bhp and 47bhp. This restriction stays then in place for two years until, upon reaching 21, the rider must take another riding test on a full-powered machine (typically a 595cc) before being handed a full, unrestricted licence.


Those who want to do Direct Access route must now be 24 or over (it used to be 21) and take their test on a machine of 595cc or more, producing at least 54bhp.


Passing your test will be no more difficult it just means depending on your age it will just be more time-consuming and costly.



By Tim Skilton


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