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Honda CB1300 (2008 - ) expert review

01 August 2008
Reviews image Pure, naked muscle, powered by a stunning DOHC inline-4 powerplant. The monstrous CB1300 is truly deserving of its moniker ‘King of the CBs’.

A handful of throttle instantly dials up an intimidating roar of performance - the promise of tyre-shredding acceleration always at its rider’s fingertips. Yet its traditional naked form, luscious paint-job and exemplary shine of beautifully formed aluminium and chrome speak of classic, deeply satisfying motorcycling pleasure.

Its majestic, industrial-looking engine looms proudly in its frame, effortlessly churning out street-stomping power that never grows old. Speed builds smoothly and effortlessly from deep within its expansive powerband, delivering its most scintillating thrills in its full-bodied, torquey midrange, while crisp, sure-footed handling ensure the big CB’s heady excitement can be savoured all day, every day.

Big and bold, the CB1300 offers a surprisingly comfortable riding position thanks to its accommodating seat height and slimline sidecovers offering a straight and easy reach to the ground.

Braking performance is impeccable – and an ABS version is available for even greater braking confidence. The S version’s sporty and beautifully integrated half-fairing also features two handy storage pockets.

Newly restyled stainless steel 4-into-2-into-1 canister exhaust system enhances sporty appearance while being fully EURO-3 compliant.
For 2008 a new IACV (Intake Air Control Valve) replaces the manual choke, with automatic operation that realises smoother response to small changes in throttle input and greatly reduced torque reaction.
There’s also a new HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic exhaust gas converter system to minimise emissions of harmful exhaust gases to ensure full compliance with strict EURO-3 emissions regulations.
The faired ‘S’ version comes in new Pearl Sunbeam White and Darkness Black Metallic colour variations. The latest matte black engine colour and Pearl Sunbeam White (with Candy Arcadian Red) colour variation are also new for ‘08.
For anyone searching after genuine, accessible excitement and total involvement in their ride, look no further than the big, brawny CB1300, a breathtaking embodiment of naked Honda attitude.

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