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Motorbike Learning Zone at Auto Trader Bikes

UK motorcycle legislation means your age can determine the size of the motorbike you are legally allowed to ride and the type of tests you need to take.

Click into the relevant category below to understand any restrictions you may be faced with and help you find the perfect bike to meet your needs.


At 16 you are limited to riding a moped. Find out more


At 17 you are restricted by the level of cc you can ride. Find out more


At 21 you are open to riding a broader range of motorbikes. Find out more

Welcome to our brand new learning zone!

The learning zone is an area of the site designed to make getting started and finding the perfect motorbike as straight forward as possible. The type of motorbike you can ride is dictated by your age and the type of licence you hold so starting out can be daunting. Whether looking for a motorcycle training school, taking your CBT test, upgrading your motorcycle licence or searching for the perfect bike, we are here to offer support and advice whatever your level. Click into the relevant age group above for all your bike needs.

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