Our roads can bring out the worst in us. It’s all too easy to forget that whether we’re cycling, walking or in a car we all have a right to use the road.

So what if instead of swearing at each other in road rage we swear to change it?

For 20 days in February 2019 we gave away thousands of reflective accessories to drive change and help us look out for each other. They’re now being worn all over the UK to help make the cycle home, the late-night jog and the early-morning dog walk safer.

And helping everyone on the road stand out was just the start. Will you stick with us on this journey and help make our roads a place everyone can use? Will you #SwearToChange?

What will you #SwearToChange

What’s the one thing you could change to make our roads better for everyone? Tell your friends and followers using #SwearToChange and inspire them to do it too. Don’t just swear it, share it!

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