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Fantastic response

Fantastic response to my advert! Put the advert on at 2.30 and had 3 enquiries and sold the vehicle 6.30pm the same day!

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Mr. Coe, Derbyshire

Great service

Great service. I always use Auto Trader to buy and sell my cars.

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Ms. McCall, Newcastle

Sold it so quickly

I sold the car very quickly. The service provided was really great and I will be using Auto Trader again.

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Mr. S Marjara, Barnetby
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Placing your advert

Why sell with
Auto Trader?

Watch our short film of the benefits of using Auto Trader to sell your car.

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How to place
an advert

Watch our step-by-step guide on placing an advert with Auto Trader.

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How to attract
more interest

Watch our top tips video on how your advert could get more interest.

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Top tips for selling your car

Tips for selling your car quickly

Read our essential checklist for getting that quick sale.

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Odd jobs before selling your car

Here's a list of jobs you can do before selling your car.

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How to get the most out of your listing

Watch our top tips on how your advert could get more interest.

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Get the best possible price for your used car when you advertise through Auto Trader.

As the UK's favourite car buying and selling site, we'll provide you with the best chance of selling your car in Coventry. We'll bring more viewers to your car than any of our competitors, and our sale conversion rate is higher too. Best of all, selling a car through Auto Trader is quick and simple thanks to our three-step process.

  • 1. Get a free valuationTo get started, you just need to enter your car's registration and mileage details into our website. We'll come back with a guide price for your vehicle in an instant.
  • 2. Create your advertUsing our advert creation tool you'll be able to come up with an accurate description of your car and upload as many as 20 pictures to grab the attention of potential buyers. Uploading photos is easy using a mobile, tablet or desktop computer.
  • 3. Choose your packageLastly, you'll need an advertising package that fits your needs. Select an option that matches your timescale and budget.

More than 700,000 cars were advertised through Auto Trader in the last year. If you've been asking "how do I find someone to buy my car in Coventry?" contact a member of the team today, or get started on your advert now.

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