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SM Auto Zone Limited

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    3.6(21 reviews)
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Customer Reviews (21)


    By H M 14 Days ago

    I purchased a car from here in July. Within a few weeks we started having problems. These problems include 4 water leaks, 2 oil leaks, a leaking heating matrix which flooded the vehicle, 2 new batteries, various seals needing to replaced, an engine light fault and now a problem with the engine itself meaning the engine needs to be replaced. We have also paid out on new disc pads and various other things also such as wires being cable tied to boiling hot metal work. We have spent out nearly the value of the car itself. Messaged the dealers and they just ignored us. After speaking to citizens advice and trading standards we know where we stand. Absolutely appalling knowing we had 2 young children and a baby in the car! They can expect further contact from ourselves all under the advice of trading standards even if it results in court action.


    By Jo B on 31 Aug

    To anyone thinking of buying a piece of metal from this company, read on. We unfortunately purchased a 'car' from these con men in May. It had a full MOT which we found out was completely dodgy! We have spent almost £1000 to make the car mechanically safe, items include: 2 front tyres - illegal, both sides anti roll bar drop links - excessive play, brakes, disc and pads, and wheel bearings all round - dangerous, windscreen washers not working, stagnant water in the bottle so not worked for a long time. All of the above items MOT failures, yet the car was MOT'd a week before purchase. Also, 3 months after purchase, no log book. Constant phone calls, us to them, with promises from them that the log book had been sent for! LIARS! After hearing lots of promises,excuses and lies, sent for the log book ourselves, more cost, which came in less than 3 weeks. If you still want to buy a piece of metal from these scammers, go ahead, but you have been warned!

  • Alfa romeo brera purchased

    By John A on 11 Feb

    I am really happy to do business with you. I will tell friends about you. 👍

  • Buying a Skyman car

    By John C on 06 Feb

    I could not be happier with Skyman, Tony and the whole purchasing experience. There are some poor reviews for Skyman but we have to accept most of his cars are cheap because they are high mileage. A high mileage car can go wrong as soon as you drive it away, and there is no way that Tony is going to be able to predict that. I didn't take a warranty because I was happy to take the risk, but warranties are usually clear about what they cover and what they don't. If you want a warranty, read the small print! All in all, a great place to buy a cheap car, and Tony is a lovely guy. (I have no social or business connection with Tony and met him for the first time on 28 January)

  • Excellent with plenty of choice

    By Banks B on 09 Jan

    Fantastic, was my first experience at this dealer's and so good that I've been back four time's for more amazing deal's from this family business . Really nice people and helpful and understanding, so many other companies could learn so much about common decency and courtesy from this company. No pressure or hassle, a real pleasure to deal with that I would recommend to my own family. At the end of the day they have got to be worth a try in my opinion. Good luck to them.