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  • Very Pleased.

    By Ergin H on 16 Dec 20

    Very happy with my purchase. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend transparency cars.

  • Excellent experience

    By Kevin B on 04 Dec 20

    Prior to purchasing my car today and carried out what I would class as due diligence before I parted with my cash. I checked all the reviews I found some general reviews negative which I thought was out of kilter with the the amount of positive reviews provided by customers. Therefore as we all do time to time make a choice based on the evidence in conjunction with our own reasonable expectations. Based on the evidence provided by Simon and the fact he did not ty to hide anything I decided to part with my cash. On the 30 mile drive home I was not disappointed, the car performed perfectly and I would definitely purchase again. On the negative reviews I have read I have found that, like all of us would; that if you speak to a person correctly and respectful of a person’s livelihood they will respond accordingly. I found Simon to up front and obliging as we had to change pick up times etc and as he states he show’s ‘Warts n All’ and in my experience has hidden nothing.

  • Over the moon

    By Darren M on 29 Oct 20

    After searching for a Mercedes c class on auto trader, we finally came across transparency cars. We watched the video that Simon had put together on the vehicle. The description & information given was spot on. After watching the full video we contacted Simon and put down a £100 deposit. What can I say, we went to see the car a couple of days later and it was 100% as described. Simon truly is a man of his word, a refreshing, no hassle way of car buying. The standard of transparency cars & the way Simon does business was so good that my father brought a vehicle from transparency cars the very next day. Thanks Simon, we will certainly be doing business with you again in the future.

  • Don’t be taken in by the video

    By Craig A on 27 Oct 20

    I purchased a SType Jag 2.7D from TC in March 2018 i was collected from the station in the Jag which had not been valeted and you could tell the car had been used on a daily basis obviously after I had agreed to purchase it based on the video recommendation. I paid the money and drove it home the tank was left almost empty and I just about got to a fuel station just in time. When I got home I discovered the boot had about 2 inches of water in the bottom of it. Over the coming weeks I had a number of problems including failure of both EGR valves with exhaust smoke pouring out from under the bonnet, it sprung a leak and the air conditioning failed along with a turbo. I decided to cut my loss and get rid which I did by the summer of 2018. I thought what’s the point of complaining it’s to far away but after seeing an advert from them today I decided to write this review to warn others don’t use this dealer don’t take the video at face value like I did good people you’ve been warned.

  • Bills on the way

    By Karl H on 16 Oct 20

    Brought a Mazda 3 1.6 diesel with 73200 miles. It has FSH and is in pretty good condition for the year. Unfortunately at 75000 miles it looks to require eloys fluid and maybe a new dpf. A close to £500 bill coming up in the next couple of months which it appears the dealer new about but obviously failed to highlight. Wouldn't have purchased at this price had I known.....

    Reply from

    on 17 Oct 20

    You are absolutely correct, the vehicle you purchased had been maintained regardless of cost and was in a lovely condition. It was as “you agreed” completely accurately described. You are correct, the car will need servicing and future maintenance. The very nature of car ownership. means taking ownership and responsibility for future maintenance and repairs. In the video, I showed openly and transparently all the service history present with the car. I couldn’t of been more honest about it’s present condition and previous service history The car was freshly MOT’d, accurately described and completely fit for purpose. It was described “warts and all” so any potential purchaser could make an educated buying decision from the comfort of their own home.

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