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Microcar MC1 Hatchback 2004‑2009

4.5 (1 review)
1 review for Microcar MC1 Hatchback 2004‑2009
Microcar MC1 Hatchback 2004‑2009

Microcar MC1

MICROCAR72 | 12th June '12

An amazing little car! I didnt want a 'DEL BOY THREE WHEELER' 'AGAIN' They fall over on roundabouts! Not cheap to buy although worth every penny! The cheapest New one I could get was £13000 & dealers Charge £7000 for 6 year old ones! I bought a 6 year old one from an independent dealer for under £4000! & ONLY 18000 miles from new! WELL PLEASED. Accept its a 4 wheel plastic pig, tho better than 3!, Will do 70 mph on the motorway & yes I do! tho supprisingly nippy off the mark in town.Ive found service parts readily available from Main dealers.I LOVE MY LITTLE PIG!






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