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Lada Niva SUV 1983‑1997

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1 review for Lada Niva SUV 1983‑1997

Lada Niva

daveA | 9th July '11

I bought one of these ages ago, just to see what it was like. It was only, if i remember rightly, about £300, and it was worth at least 10 times this. 10 times less, that is.

It may have had, instead of the 1.6, a whopping 1.7-litre engine, but it really was as slow as a tectonic plate. I think the 0-60mph time was about 2 hours. Even with the shortage of power, it didn't do many miles per gallon of fuel.

Sticking with the tectonic plate theme, it was about as comfortable as sitting on an active San Andreas fault line when driving, whether off-road or not. I think the suspension was made of granite.

It was so basic as well, I think the most advanced thing on it was a manual driver's window opener. The interior didn't have much space in it, either.

There are a couple of good points, though. Off-road it was surprisingly good, thanks to the good 4WD system. As ancient as the system was, it did work. Also, it was so strong, it could make a nuclear bunker look flimsy and weak. You could crash it into a boulder or beat it with a sledgehammer in the interior or exterior, it would make no difference to it whatsoever.

So, this car would be excellent if you lived in a rough field, but to drive and use every day, the kindest thing you can say is that it isn't ideal.






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