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Audi TT RS Coupe 2016 on

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1 review for Audi TT RS Coupe 2016 on
Audi TT RS Coupe 2016 on

The Auto Trader verdict:

The Audi TT RS possesses many traits we’ve become familiar with in the current generation of fast Audis. It looks truly fantastic – all sharp angles and wide aggressive stance – it’s devastatingly quick, beautifully made inside, and has a characterful, monstrous five-cylinder engine. However, it’s also hobbled by the same flaws, with overly light steering and neutral handling that prevent it from knocking the Porsche Cayman off its perch as the best pound-for-pound sports car.

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Audi TT RS

TonyRiches | 16th August '17

I've been driving the 2016 model TTRS for six months now, and I'm very happy to say that the 'nice car but doesn't handle like a Cayman' is true but nonsense. No, it won't go round a track like a Cayman. Do you track your car? Don't buy a TTRS.

Do you however want a car that's blisteringly quick, safe underfoot on greasy roads, sounds like a banshee (and then even louder with the sports exhaust selected) with a beautiful cockpit and sharp looks? There you are. I heard a four pot Cayman on the road (accelerating hard onto the dual carriageway) and it sounded like a Subaru. Just wrong (and I owned a six pot Boxster for a while, nothing against Porsche here).

This car was released in very limited numbers, has been referred to by Clarkson as 'one of the all time greats' in terms of the incomparable five pot lump which sounds amazing at any speed, and will be a modern classic. Track drivers stay away, the rest of us can enjoy a safe, rewarding and occasionally scary ride - given it's as fast to 60 as an R8. I rest my case.






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