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When choosing which car to buy, dealers can provide you with the support you need to find the right one for you, offering a range of choice, finance and part exchange offers.

Independent dealers sell a variety of used car makes and models, so if you're interested in viewing a range of cars before making your decision, an independent dealer could be the right choice for you. Untied to any one manufacturer, independent dealers offer approved used schemes, finance offers and part exchange.
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If you're looking to buy a specific make of car, a franchised dealer could be for you. Franchised dealers tend to specialise in specific used and new car manufacturers, offering valuable insight while giving you confidence in your purchase. You can browse all the models of the make they specialise in, and get finance offers as well as approved used schemes and part exchange.
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Car supermarkets are the largest types of dealership, offering an abundance of choice and volume when it comes to new and used cars. Ideal for buyers looking to view a wide range of makes and models before making their decision, car supermarkets can be found throughout the UK, offering approved used schemes, finance offers and part exchange.

Approved used cars

What is 'approved used'? What is approved used? Approved used cars undergo certain checks before being sold and need to meet specific standards to be sold in approved used schemes. Why choose 'approved used'? Why choose approved used? Approved used cars are typically 'good as new', yet can save you thousands by comparison, often featuring full histories and low mileages. What do you get? What do you get? While schemes vary from dealer to dealer, buyers typically get a 12 month guarantee, breakdown cover and a roadside rescue package. How does it benefit you? How does it benefit you? Sold by most reputable dealers, approved used cars give you that extra reassurance and peace of mind when buying a used car.

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