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Volkswagen up! hatchback New Volkswagen up! Hatchback The Volkswagen up is a stylish city car which feels just as comfortable on the motorway as it does around town. It's practical too, thanks to a large 250-litre boot. £7,579 - £23,924 Versions matched: 39 4.2 Expert rating: 4.3 Owner rating (16 reviews):
Volkswagen Polo hatchback New Volkswagen Polo Hatchback The Volkswagen Polo is a three- or five-door hatchback with a strong mix of high-efficiency petrol and diesel engines. The Polo was awarded the 2010 Car of the Year prize. £10,624 - £20,100 Versions matched: 42 4.1 Expert rating: 3.8 Owner rating (5 reviews):
Volkswagen Beetle hatchback New Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback The latest Volkswagen Beetle is the second re-invention of an iconic classic car. The latest in engine technology brings it right into the 21st Century. £14,785 - £25,470 Versions matched: 64 3.5 Expert rating: 4.5 Owner rating (5 reviews):
Volkswagen Golf Plus MPV New Volkswagen Golf Plus Hatchback £16,129 - £23,915 Versions matched: 10 3.5 Expert rating: 4.7 Owner rating (12 reviews):
Volkswagen Golf GTD hatchback New Volkswagen Golf Hatchback The Volkswagen Golf R is the fastest version of the iconic hatchback ever to leave Stuttgart. Its 2-litre turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive can propel it from rest to 62mph in a scant 4.9 seconds. £16,189 - £33,880 Versions matched: 157 4.7 Expert rating: 4.8 Owner rating (12 reviews):
Volkswagen Touran MPV New Volkswagen Touran MPV The Volkswagen Touran is a Vauxhall Zafira-sized MPV with a practical, well-made, seven-seat interior and efficient petrol and diesel engines. It drives well and feels solid. £17,459 - £27,580 Versions matched: 36 3.7 Expert rating: 4.4 Owner rating (8 reviews):
Volkswagen Golf Estate New Volkswagen Golf Estate The Volkswagen Golf Estate is 30cm longer than the hatchback it's based on, giving it a 605-litre boot. Despite this, it's lighter than its predecessor and features advanced new engines for impressive economy. £17,670 - £32,780 Versions matched: 65 4.3 Expert rating: 5 Owner rating (1 review):
Volkswagen Beetle convertible New Volkswagen Beetle Convertible The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible shows off the German car maker's cheeky side. It has retro-chic looks and a funky interior, but its efficient engines are as modern as they come. £17,868 - £26,960 Versions matched: 42 3.8 Expert rating:
New Volkswagen Jetta Saloon £18,190 - £24,090 Versions matched: 15 3.2 Expert rating:
New Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Panel Van £18,264 - £25,086 Versions matched: 30 4.8 Owner rating (1 review):

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