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underated 4.8

depite reviews , you really need to test drive this car,buying second hand makes best sence , just remember that hyundai and kia were under dogs , my mg6 is real value for money , ignore …

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MG Motor UK MG3 hatchback New MG MOTOR UK MG3 Hatchback The MG3 supermini is the latest model built in Longbridge, with sporting looks and a wide range of finishes to personalise it to your taste. It's fitted with a 1.5-litre petrol engine for nippy performance. £8,274 - £10,374 Versions matched: 5 2.6 Expert rating: 5 Owner rating (1 review):
MG 6 hatchback New MG MOTOR UK MG6 Hatchback MG has released its first new model in around 15 years. The MG 6 is a five-door hatchback, which is sporty to drive and comes fitted with plenty of equipment, £15,180 - £20,075 Versions matched: 7 2.6 Expert rating: 4.5 Owner rating (3 reviews):
MG Motors UK TF convertible New MG MOTOR UK MGTF Convertible The MG TF is a two-seat sports car which competes with the Mazda MX-5. It might be an old design, but its sharp handling is still sure to raise a smile. £15,214 - £15,214 Versions matched: 1
MG6 saloon New MG MOTOR UK MG6 Saloon The MG 6 saloon is a four-door version of the British-built family car, fitted with either a petrol or diesel engine and with lots of equipment as standard. £19,680 - £21,075 Versions matched: 2 4.4 Owner rating (2 reviews):

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