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BMW 2 Series review

15th September '14

At last a BMW with soul 5

This is the most fun I have had in a car in a very long time. I have owned my M235i for 4 months and it is an absolute hoot. My previous car was a Maserati GTS and I wanted something with …

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BMW 1 Series hatchback New BMW 1 Series Hatchback The BMW 1 Series has matured and now features even more economical engines plus improved comfort. £16,730 - £31,265 Versions matched: 162 5 Owner rating (1 review):
New BMW 2 Series Estate The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is a five-seat MPV which is also the first front-wheel drive model in BMW's history. It uses small, turbocharged petrol and diesel engines to deliver excellent performance and economy. £21,345 - £30,925 Versions matched: 33
BMW 3 Series saloon New BMW 3 Series Saloon The BMW 3 Series is a compact four-door saloon with rear-wheel drive, strong image and class-leading petrol and diesel engines. It rivals the Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class. £22,280 - £42,785 Versions matched: 283 4.6 Expert rating: 4.8 Owner rating (14 reviews):
BMW X1 4x4 New BMW X1 4x4 The BMW X1 is a compact 4x4 offered with efficient diesel engines. It takes BMW's sporting image into a new market sector, rivalling the Volkswagen Tiguan and Volvo XC60. £23,150 - £34,180 Versions matched: 103 4.4 Owner rating (4 reviews):
BMW 2 Series Coupe New BMW 2 Series Coupe The BMW 2 Series Coupe replaces the 2-door 1 Series. It features lower suspension and engines ranging from an ultra-economical diesel to a sporting 3-litre turbo petrol. £23,485 - £34,680 Versions matched: 27 5 Owner rating (2 reviews):
BMW 3 Series Touring estate New BMW 3 Series Estate The BMW 3 Series Touring offers a bigger boot than the saloon, but the same sporting drive and range of efficient and powerful engines. £24,430 - £41,529 Versions matched: 151 4.6 Expert rating: 5 Owner rating (1 review):
BMW Z4 convertible New BMW Z4 Convertible The BMW Z4 is a two-seat open-top sportscar. The Z4 has grown a little bit and now has a folding aluminium hardtop but remains distinctive and sporting to drive. £26,660 - £44,535 Versions matched: 39 3.6 Expert rating: 4.3 Owner rating (21 reviews):
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo hatchback New BMW 3 Series Hatchback The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is a more practical hatchback version of the hugely popular saloon car. It retains its excellent driving traits, but with more space for the family. £27,880 - £42,744 Versions matched: 110 4.0 Expert rating:
BMW 4 Series Coupe New BMW 4 Series Coupe The BMW 4-Series is a Coupe based on the excellent 3-Series, with an upmarket interior and fantastic range of powerful yet frugal engines. £28,500 - £44,120 Versions matched: 69 3.9 Expert rating: 4.7 Owner rating (4 reviews):
BMW 5 Series Saloon New BMW 5 Series Saloon The BMW 5 Series is a large executive saloon offering a class-leading drive and a mix of high tech design and modern petrol and diesel engines. It rivals the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class. £29,485 - £56,495 Versions matched: 50

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