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How do I manage my adverts?

This page shows you how to rebook, delete or amend your advert.

• To begin, log in and click 'Manage My Adverts' on your account page

Adverts are grouped into three categories – live, expired and deleted adverts.

  1. How do I edit my advert?
  2. Can I rebook an existing advert?
  3. How do I upload/amend photos?
  4. How do I view old adverts?
  5. How do I delete an advert?
  6. Where can I get more help with my advert?

How do I edit my advert?

• View the 'Live Adverts' section

Click to enlarge

• Find the advert you wish to amend by using your vehicle registration number and/or make and model
• Click the 'Preview/Edit' button to open the page containing your advert details. You can adjust your advert text, price, photos and features for both magazine and/or website
• Click 'Update' to preview your updated advert
• If you're happy with the changes you've made, click the red 'Next' button and your advert will be saved
• If you wish to make further changes choose the 'Edit text' button to return to the edit pages

Please note: The amount of text available for magazine adverts is limited.


Can I rebook an existing advert?

Yes – adverts can be rebooked at any time.

• View your live expired and deleted adverts on your 'Manage My Adverts' page to find the advert you want to renew and click 'Rebook'

• To rebook:

  1. Choose your package
  2. If appropriate choose your magazine region and style
  3. Update details using the 'Edit text' button
  4. Preview your advert to ensure all details are correct on the next screen before clicking 'Rebook'

The expiry date will be extended and any remaining time will be carried forward.

Please note: Changes to magazine packages and 'add-ons' are subject to magazine deadlines.


How do I upload/amend photos?

Follow the steps to edit your advert and this page will appear:

Click to enlarge

• Click ‘Select Photo’ from one of the boxes on the right.
• Double-click the large box in the centre of the screen to open a browsing window. From here you can upload the photo you want by selecting it from your computer.
• Once a photo has been uploaded, an image preview will appear in the centre – use the crop tool on the left to resize the picture and click ‘Upload’ to save it.
• Click ‘Undo’ to correct a mistake or ‘Remove’ to delete an image.
• You can repeat these steps as desired – with up to a maximum of nine images.

Please note: Images must be in JPEG format, at least 640x480 pixels in size and have a standard aspect ratio of 4:3 (most digital cameras will have this as default).


How do I view old adverts?

Scroll down the 'Manage My Adverts' page to view your expired and deleted adverts


How do I delete an advert?

  1. Select a live advert and click 'Delete'
  2. A new page will appear asking you to confirm the deletion
  3. Click 'Confirm' to continue to delete the advert
  4. If you wish to keep the advert online click 'Cancel


Where can I get more help with my advert?

Instructions are displayed on each page to help you complete most tasks.

For help on writing an effective advert, read our advice on how to word your advert.

If you're still experiencing difficulties, please call our customer services team on 0845 345 3450 or email

Our phone lines are open on:
• Monday from 8am to 10pm
• Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 9pm
• Weekends from 9am to 5.30pm
Please include your vehicle registration or postcode with your query.