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Top Questions

Almost everything you would want to do can be done online. Here's a list of the top questions our customers have:

  • How can I change/edit my online advert?

    To make a change to your online advert visit the Manage my Advert area within My Account. You will be asked to login to access your adverts and you can change all the elements in your advert including photos, description and price.

    1. Select the advert you wish to edit within the 'Live adverts' section within the Manage my Advert section.
    2. Select the 'Web edit' or 'Edit photos' options.
    3. Make the changes you require and click continue.
    4. Click the green 'Update' button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

    Remember, for you to edit your online advert the advert must be live. You will have received confirmation of this by email.

    Visit the Manage my Advert area to edit your online advert.

  • How do I delete or cancel my advert?

    Visit the Manage my Advert area within My Account, choose the advert you wish to delete from the Live Advert section and click on the remove button.

  • How do I renew or rebook my advert?

    We will notify you by email shortly before your advert is due to expire at which point you will be able to go to the Manage my Advert area within My Account. You will need to login when prompted to access your advert.

    Choose the advert you wish to rebook within the 'Live adverts' or 'Archived adverts' sections and click on Rebook. Then just follow the process as normal to pay for your advert and make any modifications you require.

    Visit the Manage my Advert area to rebook your advert.

  • How do I turn on/off Telesafe?

    Telesafe is a FREE service which protects your telephone numbers and allows us to block calls from unsolicited third party contact.

    Telesafe is optional when creating your advert. To turn Telesafe ON or OFF whilst your advert is live, please call customer services on 0345 111 0003.

    Learn more about Telesafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer some of the more common queries, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may save you needing to contact our customer services department.

To read these visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Customer Services

Please read our frequently asked questions before contacting our customer services team. And for advice about car fraud and scams, visit our Safety & Security Centre.

Contact customer services for:
  • Any general and technical enquiries
  • Renewing/Rebooking your advert
  • Any issues or problems with your advert

Please note your advert reference number, vehicle registration or postcode when making an enquiry.

Email or call 0345 111 0003.

Lines are open between:
  • 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am - 5pm Saturday
  • 9am - 5pm Sunday

Calls are charged at a local rate. Mobile phone charges may vary - please check with your provider.

Safety & Security

In our dedicated Safety & Security Centre you can:

  • Read a guide to buying and selling your vehicle
  • Report phishing emails, potential scams and fraudulent adverts
  • Find information on scams to be aware of
  • Find top tips to stay safe online

Buying a car? Read our Top Tips for buying a car safely.

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For Dealer enquiries please call 0345 111 0002 or email Alternatively you can fill in an enquiry form here

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For information about job opportunities within Auto Trader, visit our Current Vacancies page.

Marketing & PR

For Marketing enquiries please email For Consumer PR enquiries please email, and for Trade PR enquiries please email

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