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    Aixam (1)
    BMW (1)
    Grinnall (1)
    Hyundai (45)
    Mazda (2)
    MG (1)
    MINI (4)
    Peugeot (2)
    Renault (4)
    Smart (268)
    Toyota (1)
    Vauxhall (147)
    Volkswagen (12)
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    Diesel (29)
    Electric (2)
    Petrol (458)
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    30+ mpg (477)
    40+ mpg (472)
    50+ mpg (345)
    60+ mpg (297)
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    0-8s (0-60mph) (7)
    8-12s (0-60mph) (242)
    12s+ (0-60mph) (208)
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    Automatic (209)
    Manual (280)
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    Front Wheel Drive (210)
    Rear Wheel Drive (271)
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    Up to 75 g / km CO2 (1)
    Up to 100 g / km CO2 (250)
    Up to 110 g / km CO2 (263)
    Up to 120 g / km CO2 (315)
    Up to 130 g / km CO2 (329)
    Up to 140 g / km CO2 (332)
    Up to 150 g / km CO2 (444)
    Up to 165 g / km CO2 (455)
    Up to 175 g / km CO2 (459)
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    2 doors (278)
    3 doors (203)
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    Up to 10 (291)
    Up to 20 (431)
    Up to 30 (450)
    Up to 40 (453)
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    £0 (112)
    Up to £100 (155)
    Up to £200 (249)
    Up to £300 (252)
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    Private adverts (6)
    Trade adverts (483)
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At some point this vehicle was damaged and written off by the insurer because it was uneconomical to repair.

The level of damage can vary depending on the vehicle's age and value, so Category vehicles are often put back on the road.

Learn more about insurance categories.

This write off data was provided by a third party when the advert was placed. Please check all details with the seller. The write off category indicators are provided for your assistance, but the presence or absence of an indicator in an advert, should not be relied upon by you to indicate the status of a vehicle. You are strongly advised to obtain a full vehicle history check before making an offer on a vehicle. Auto Trader Limited, or its data supplier, will not accept liability for any information provided for this write off data.