• Fraudulent website in operation
• Has no association with Auto Trader
• Taking £60 from owners to sell their vehicles


Auto Trader customers are being advised to have nothing to do with a website that is taking money to sell their cars on this website. We have already received several complaints from customers, who believed that the site was linked with ours.

If you receive contact from  http://www.deal-autotrader.com/ offering to buy your vehicle please do not proceed, this company is not associated with Auto Trader in any way and is taking £60 payments from customers to sell their vehicle.

Another company is also making fraudulent phone calls, ringing customers, saying they are from Auto Trader and asking for their bank details in relation to the advert they have placed. These people have no affiliation with Auto Trader and you should ignore any such requests.

If a customer requires further information or has any queries, they are advised to contact the Customer Security Team.