What are we waiting for in 2013? This year looks to be a bumper one for new cars, with everything from superminis to supercars heading our way. Here is Auto Trader’s favourite from each sector; what it’s about, when it’s arriving and, most importantly, how much it’ll cost!

Supermini – New MINI Hatch
Next year will see the introduction of the new family of MINI hatches (internally codenamed F56), the first to share a platform – and the iDrive infotainment system – with BMW models. A three-door variant will come first, followed, for the first time, by a five-door hatch and four-door Clubman models. They are expected to arrive in September next year and will cost from about £13,000.

Small family hatch – Volkswagen Golf
Is the new Golf the best car in the ‘real’ world? Quite possibly. Launched in October, the seventh generation model is fantastic: engaging to drive, economical, practical and with the premium feel that buyers demand these days. First deliveries will begin in January 2013, with prices starting at £16,330

Hot hatch – Clio Renaultsport
Next year’s all-new hot Clio will get a turbocharged 1.6-litre turbocharged four-pot and can only be had with a six-speed dual-clutch ‘box – something of a departure for breathed-on Clios.  The less frenetic powerplant will, however, make it appeal to a wider range of buyers. Expect it to arrive in Summer 2013, priced from around £20,000

Large family car – Ford Mondeo
Not the massive seller it once was but still a vital car for Ford. This is a completely new car and follows Ford’s ‘world car’ ethos – i.e. one that has been designed and developed for markets across the globe. We are intrigued to see how the ingenious little 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine copes with being installed in such a big car. It’s expected to arrive late in the year, priced from around £20,000.

MPV – Kia Carens
This is the last Kia to get the ‘European-market’ makeover. Gone are the days when Kia represented the very worst elements of budget motoring; now, their cars are stylish, well made and able to compete with the best from Ford and Vauxhall. Coming in Spring 2013 and costing from around £16,000, can the Carens compete with the C-Max and Zafira? We’ll see.

Convertible – Vauxhall Cascada
This car caught many of us in the rarefied world of motoring journalism off guard. Here was Vauxhall, maker of practical, family cars announcing a stylish convertible that was bigger than an Audi A5 convertible. So, this stylish four-seater convertible will go on sale early in 2013 with deliveries starting in March. We anticipate that the Cascada will be priced between 25 and £30,000.

Coupe – BMW 4-Series
BMW’s replacement for the 3-Series Coupe is arriving next year, continuing the Munich brand’s strategy of calling its stock models after odd numbers and its coupes after evens. It also means that we will be getting both an M3 and an M4 in a couple of years’ time. Priced from around £28,000, we expect it to arrive mid-way through 2013.

Sports car – Jaguar F-type
Probably the most anticipated British sports car since, well, the E-Type, the gorgeous F-Type roadster goes on sale in the spring. It will be priced between £60,000 and £100,000, depending on which of the two engines you opt for, an all-new 3.0-litre V6 or the monster 5.0-litre V8. We can’t wait.

4×4 – Range Rover Mark IV
The new Range Rover has been receiving accolades left, right and centre (and deservedly so) for its all-round abilities; combining absolute luxury with unstoppable mud-plugging. While weight has gone down (by as much as 420kg) the price of owning one has, however, gone up with prices starting at £70,000. First examples will appear on driveways in January.

Luxury saloon – Mercedes-Benz S-Class
For so long the epitome of luxury motoring, next year’s S-Class will be available in seven (yes, seven) variants, ranging from bog standard(ish) normal wheelbase form, to super-luxury, stretched Pullman spec. the new S-Class is expected late in 2013 and we think it’ll start at around £60,000

Supercar – McLaren P1
McLaren has one aim for the P1 – “to be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.” We expect that full details of the Woking manufacturers’ new hypercar to be revealed at March’s Geneva Motor Show, after the concept was aired in Paris. You’ll have to pay handsomely for the privilege of owning one, though – the price is expected to be north of £800,000.

By James Richardson

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