With Winter arriving with a bang recently, it got us thinking about what are the best 4×4s you can pick up in the Auto Trader classifieds to help prepare you for the ‘ice chaos’ that seems to descend every year. We’ve picked our favourite used 4×4s for less than £10,000, comprising of everything from rugged off-roaders to more usable ‘lifestyle’ vehicles.

Toyota RAV4
The original ‘lifestyle’ 4×4, the Toyota RAV4 won’t allow you to traverse mountains or slip-slide your way across a glacier but its four-wheel drive system will help you out on slippery side roads. Its performance is better on road than off it but as this is where it’ll spend most of its time, this is no bad thing. This example, from Braidwood Motor Company, West Lothian, has plenty of miles on the clock but comes with lots of kit, too so for £9,995, it still represents a good deal.

Suzuki Jimny
The Jimny is akin to a mountain goat. Sometimes ridiculed for its diminutive proportions and somewhat ‘unique’ styling and simple, uncomplicated demeanour, it still manages to astonish you with its amazing ability to traverse pretty much anything this side of Antartica. This one, from Arnold Clark Carlisle Ford has only 10,237 miles on the clock and, for a whisker under £10k, it’s going to be a very good one indeed

Land Rover Discovery TD5 G4
G4-spec Discoveries are for the intrepid out there. With this model, you can become the friendly neighbourhood superhero; with its winch, chunky off-road tyres, air compressor and roof-mounted spotlights, you can come to the rescue of anyone you see stranded in the snow. Costing just a pound under £10,000, from Premier 4×4 Neath, you can always pretend you’re on an epic adventure, even when you’re just nipping down to the supermarket for a pint of milk.

Honda CR-V
Another ‘soft-roader’, the CR-V is, nonetheless an extremely capable car. True, it’s no Land Rover defender in the muddy stuff but the four-wheel drive and raised ride height will help you traverse trickier terrain  than a normal car and will be far easier to live with than a more focussed 4×4. This generation of CR-V will be very reliable and this one from Brimart Motors, Lancashire, comes with lots of toys, such as cruise control, heated door mirrors (for those frosty winter mornings) and climate control all for £9,995.

Range Rover TD6
The Range Rover is the eponymous luxury off-roader. As capable off road as it is on it, this car is able to deal with any weather-related crises with disdainful ease and with a level of comfort and luxury that you won’t find anywhere else. This particular example is a 2003 TD6 from Car Choice Teeside and, with 80,000 miles on the clock, for £9,995 this represents a very good deal.

By James Richardson