They say Christmas is a time for giving, but if you’re anything like us, sometimes it’s the receiving that you really look forward to. We’re only human, after all. These are the gifts that the team here would love to find under their Christmas tree next Tuesday morning.

Jon Quirk – Aston Martin DB5 remote control car
The return of James Bond to the big screen in 2012 also saw the return of his achingly pretty sidekick, the Aston Martin DB5. Together, they roused our patriotic fervor to a post-Olympic stratosphere, and it still shows no signs of relenting. Unfortunately for us less-than-secret agents, values of the DB5 have also soared, but you can still play Bond this Christmas thanks to this 1:18th scale remote control version, complete with working headlights, deployable bullet proof rear screen and even authentic JB theme tune. Go on, you only live twice… [badum tish!].

Craig Thomas – Driving shoes
Wearing the right shoes is important when driving: a poll by the AA found that 27% of drivers had had difficulties because of the shoes they were wearing, with 5% claiming that their footwear had led to them driving dangerously, losing control or having an accident. The sole needs to be thin enough to feel the pedals and it also needs to provide enough grip, or your feet can slip off the pedals. But they also have to look good, so these purple Gommino moccasins (yes, purple – I’ve already got black and brown pairs) from Tod’s tick all the boxes: they’re stylish (if a little, er, flashy), slim and supple, and the sole extends to the heel, as it should. Now where are my Dunhill driving gloves…?

Dan Tye – EDZ merino wool base layer gloves
If you’ve never worn clothing that’s made out of Merino Wool, then you’re missing out. Forget all your other preconceptions of wool, because this feels softer than cotton and isn’t itchy at all. With us having the wettest summer on record in the UK, if I’d had a pair of these EDZ merino wool base layer under my leather gloves, I’d have been able to type twice as fast in the morning at work. Well, that’s my excuse, anyway. They’re just a tenner and a gift that any biker will class as a luxury item.

Andy Pringle – Classic car hire
I’ve always loved classic sports cars, so there’s nothing I’d love more for Christmas than a Gift Token for Great Escapes. From a variety of sites around the country, you can hire your pick of classic cars. Naturally, they include plenty of exotic Italian machinery, but my dream lies rather closer to home. I’d rather be wafting around the lanes in a classic Mk2 Jaguar. After all, doesn’t every bloke have a secret fantasy to be Morse? Then again, maybe it’s just me…

Andy Goodwin – Pure Highway 300Di
There aren’t many things that I’d change about my Volkswagen Golf, but one thing I’d certainly like to improve is what I can listen to. Yes, the car has a stereo, but there comes a time when the lack of choice on FM and the poor quality of AM frustrate me. So, I’m hoping Santa can find room to squeeze a Pure Highway 300Di down my chimney. It’ll give me all the choice and quality I want, and because it’s professionally fitted, most of the gubbins are neatly hidden away out of sight. Last, but not least, if I can’t find a station I want to listen to, I can always plug in my MP3 player.

May Starey – Bike rack
As my husband and I do a lot of cycling, this towbar-mounted bike rack from Thule would be perfect for us. I’m an enthusiastic weekend cyclist but my husband takes it rather more seriously – he’s competing in the Etap stage of the Tour de France next year and competes in the occasional sportive. This would be brilliant for taking our bikes to far-away places – without putting them on the roof and having them ruin the fuel economy or putting them on an insecure boot-mounted rack.

James Richardson – Lego Technic 4×4 Crawler
I’ve always loved Lego Technic (I have a fascination for all things mechanical – building things, taking them apart, trying to improve them and summarily breaking them) and this 4×4 crawler truck is everything I want in one package. Remote control and powered by an electric motor, it has four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and suspension which can reach ridiculous angles of articulation – all of which is built by your own fair hands. Brilliant stuff.