• Track focussed version of Nissan’s supercar-crushing GT-R
• Features revisions to cooling and suspension
• 3.8-litre V6 engine unmodified

The Nissan GT-R Track Pack is now available, with the first deliveries arriving in Nissan High Performance Centres imminently.

Responding to customer demand, the Track Pack has been created to improve the GT-R’s performance; you guessed it, on the track.

It remains fully road legal however, with no slick tyres or dramatic aerodynamic add-ons.

The most obvious change has been to the wheels. The GT-R Track Pack sits on six-spoke RAYS alloys (a nod to previous generations of the iconic sports car), which not only look incredibly cool, but also save a total of 10kg over the standard items.

New brake cooling ducts have been added into the front and rear bumpers. Feeding cold air to the discs, Nissan claims a reduction in brake operating temperatures by as much as 100 degrees centigrade. This allows drivers to brake harder for longer before the brakes fade and lose performance.

A stiffer, Nurburgring honed suspension setup has also been utilised to improve cornering dynamics. In an example of the GT-R’s relentless quest for performance perfection, magnetic dampers have been fitted to allow the setup to be changed for road use at the flick of a switch, so as not to compromise the GT-R’s everyday usability.

The GT-R Track Pack retains the asymmetric suspension from the regular 2012 model year car. The spring and damper rates are different on either side of the car to compensate for the extra weight of the driver. It’s fettling bordering on fetishism, but it’s this attention to detail that has earned the GT-R its giant-killer reputation.

The interior is stripped of the rear seats, with the front ones being replaced for sportier items covered in ‘magic cloth’ – a high friction fabric which allows occupants to stick to the seats during hard cornering and braking. The Bose audio system and rear-parking camera are retained from the standard model.

The 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine remains unchanged, which is no bad thing, considering its muscular 542bhp power output and ability to punt the heavyweight GT-R from 0-62mph in an incredible 2.8 seconds.

Available exclusively in the UK and Japan, the GT-R Track Pack is out now at £84,450 – £10,000 more than the standard car.

By Daljinder Nagra

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