AT12MARThe latest Honda Civic is arriving just in time for the March 12-plate and promises improvements in every area.

With incredible attention to even the smallest detail, its engineers have increased average fuel consumption dramatically. The diesel now returns more than 64mpg.

The Civic is the most aerodynamic car in its class, with sleek and contemporary looks. It’s all the more impressive then, to find out the Civic has the biggest boot in its class by miles.

Measuring 477-litres it is gargantuan – and as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a further 76-litres hidden in an under-floor compartment – perfect for valuables or a secret spy kit for those who like to pretend they have a license to thrill.

Honda’s rear ‘Magic Seats’ fold in a number of ways, not just giving the maximum boot space when folded forwards, but also with the option of locking in a vertical position, allowing a clear space behind the front seats – ideal for small bikes or taller items like potted plants.

Trim levels are extensive, with SE, ES, EX and EX GT all adding to the kit count. We’d stick to SE or ES, which have plenty of useful features, but aren’t as pricey as the EX GT, whose £24,495 starting price is simply too pricey – costing £3,305 more than a Volkswagen Golf GT.

12-plate wish list

Feb 01: Hyundai i40 Tourer
Feb 02: Audi A4
Feb 03: Ford Focus
Feb 06: Citroen DS4
Feb 07: Volkswagen up!
Feb 08: Vauxhall Astra GTC
Feb 09: Audi A1 Sportback
Feb 10: Renault Scenic
Feb 13: Subaru XV
Feb 14: Renault Twingo (video)
Feb 15: MINI Coupe
Feb 16: Nissan LEAF
Feb 17: MINI Coupe (video)
Feb 20: Hyundai i30
Feb 21: Chevrolet Camaro
Feb 22: Porsche 911 (video)
Feb 23: Kia Picanto
Feb 24: BMW 1-Series
Feb 27: Honda Civic
Feb 28: Hyundai Veloster