AT12MARSometimes it is the least likely cars that prove the most fun to drive. When the previous generation Fiat Panda first made an appearance, its tall, boxy shape made it easy to dismiss as a no thrills shopping car. And yes, while its short overhangs made it ideal in the Tesco’s car park, its revvy engines and fun handling also appealed to keen drivers. Thankfully, the new Panda is the same.

The front-end styling has been tweaked to give it a less anonymous face, and in profile it looks far less box-like, but there’s no mistaking it’s a Panda. The high roof-line and stubby hatchback give a distinct aesthetic and make the little Fiat quite a practical proposition.

Fiat Panda

Fiat have strived to make the Panda as safe as possible. Even entry-level versions come with four airbags, double seatbelt pre-tensioners and anti-whiplash headrests. Euro NCAP awarded the Panda four stars. It would have been the full five had the test model been available with all the electronic safety measures that are fitted to customer cars.

So, easily digestible looks, decent usability and safe in a crash, the Fiat Panda makes a good case for itself. Then you get to its trump card: value for money. Prices start from £8,900 on the road, with the top-of-the-range model coming in at a reasonable £12,250. In terms of smiles per pound, you’ll be hard pushed to beat it.

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