AT12MARSportback – it’s Audi’s name for five-door, which has been added to the diminutive Audi A1, endowing it with greater practicality. Not masses mind, as there are limits to what you can do with such diminutive dimensions, but getting in and out requires less flexibility, or messing around with folding seats.

Those extra doors do add a few quid to the A1’s price, £560 in fact, but with alloy wheels and air-con on all, plus excellent residual values, it’s not as expensive as you might think. The entry-level A1 Sportback starts at £13,990, or about as much as a middling Ford Fiesta.

That Audi badge trumps any mainstream one too, with serious quality inside and masses of head turning kerb appeal outside. The Sportback gains the option of a full coloured contrasting roof too, while two new engines will join the line-up shortly after the A1 Sportback arrives in Spring.

Audi might say Sportback, but it’s not really that sporty. Avoid the firmer sports suspension and it rides nicely, though you’ll have a bigger grin behind the wheel of a Mini. Still, there’s a lot to love, not least the fact the A1 isn’t omnipresent – yet. You’ll be proud to park it anywhere – which is a cinch too given its size.

Opt for a small diesel or new 1.4-litre TFSI petrol with its clever cylinder deactivation technology for sub 100g/km CO2 and pump-avoiding economy, but the revvy, willing 86hp 1.2-litre TFSI petrol is the sweetest engine in a very attractive – and slightly more practical – small car package.

By Kyle Fortune

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