Honda JazzThe Honda Jazz has been named the most reliable used car for under £3,000.

According to research by Warranty Direct, the Jazz is the car least likely to leave its driver stranded on the hard shoulder, as well as being cheap to repair if it does break down.

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Top 10 most reliable used car

The ever-popular Vauxhall Astra came second in the list, followed by the Toyota Yaris in third.

The figures were compiled by used car warranty provider Warranty Direct using real-world repair claims by 50,000 policy holders. Reliability was calculated on the basis of each car’s rate of failure, average mileage, age and repair cost.

Top 10 most reliable used cars for £3,000

1. Honda Jazz (2002-2008): 18.53
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2. Vauxhall Astra (2004-2009): 26.90
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3. Toyota Yaris (1999-2006): 27.35
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4. Nissan Micra (2002-2010): 27.99
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5. Volkswagen Lupo (1999-2005): 30.11
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6. Fiat Punto (2003-2006): 37.99
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7. Ford Fiesta (2002-2008): 41.24
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8. Smart ForTwo (2003-2007): 41.49
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9. Daewoo Matiz (1998-2003): 41.79
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10. Citroen C3 (2002-2010): 48.74
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Warranty Direct found the Honda Jazz to have just an eight per cent chance that it will break down in an average year, and costs an average of £231.59 when a fault does occur. Only 11 per cent of Astra owners make a claim during a typical year.

In tenth place, 23 percent of Citroen C3s suffer a fault in an average year, although owners can expect bills of just £211.90.

Just over half of Daewoo Matiz drivers report axle and suspension faults, while a fifth of Fiat Punto models suffer engine woes.

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By Rhian Angharad Jones