Avoiding fraudulent sellersFraudulent adverts are placed by thieves posing as sellers, often involving a hoax vehicle at a bargain price, a faulty phone number and demands to transfer money into a payment protection service or abroad.

Typical scenario:

• The vehicle is advertised well below market value.
• The seller will ask you to email rather than call.
• The seller will claim they have had to move abroad or they don’t have access to a phone due to the nature of their job (E.g. In the army, based on an oilrig.)
• They will ask for money to be sent abroad or via a false “Payment Protection Service” using legitimate company names such as Auto Trader, Paypal, Ebay or Google Wallet.

• They will ask you to use a Money Transfer service, such as Western Union, to pay for vehicles or to prove you have sufficient funds.
• The vehicle will never arrive and you will be out of pocket.

How Auto Trader can help: Top tips to avoid fraudulent sellers

What to do if you think you’re a victim?

If you think you’ve been targeted by a fraudster, contact Auto Trader immediately by emailing scam@autotrader.co.uk or calling 0330 303 9001.