Doing the paperworkEvery car has documents which outline its history, roadworthiness and ownership, so make sure the dealer supplies the correct paperwork.

V5C Registration Certificate (logbook)

The V5C Registration Certificate is more commonly known as the logbook and is issued to anyone who has registered or taxed their car

• The logbook lists many details about the vehicle, including make, model, engine size, chassis number and colour
• The V5C is a vital document which you’ll need to pass on when you sell the car, so keep it safe – and never leave it in the car

Books and manuals

• New cars are supplied with a service booklet which is to be stamped and dated when the car is serviced and should be supplied when the car is sold
• Most cars will come with an owner’s manual which gives information about how to operate controls, tyre pressures and general advice
• Cars fitted with satellite navigation or complex audio systems may have a separate manual. Most navigation systems will also have a CD or DVD
• Other factory- or dealer-fitted equipment may also be supplied with manuals
• Keep all documentation safe and pass them on when you sell the car


Cars less than three years old do not need an MOT, so new cars will not be supplied with a MOT certificate.


Dealers should give you a receipt. Keep it safe, but remove any credit card information when you pass it on as part of the service history.