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Grey Import Cars

Grey and Parallel Imports

Importing a car from abroad is becoming a more and more popular option for car buyers. Often, you can get better value for money but there are drawbacks with importing.

There are two main types of imports; grey and parallel.

Grey Imports

A grey import is a car which has been bought abroad (often in Japan) and does not have a UK spec.

Many cars in Japan come in the ‘top spec’ level so you can get extras such as air-conditioning as part of the deal.

However, grey imports can increase the cost of car insurance and may require extra work to be carried out so they comply with UK legislation e.g. having the indicators changed to orange.

If the vehicle is not available in the UK, car parts will be harder to come by and it is unlikely you will have a warranty with the vehicle.

If you want to look different then a grey import may be the right choice.

Parallel Imports

A parallel import is a car bought in from another country but with a UK spec.

A popular place for parallel imports is Holland where prices are cheaper. It is now much easier to buy from abroad but there are still drawbacks.

Buying may be cheaper but when you go to sell, you won’t get as much as an official UK model. 

Savings available on European new cars depend upon exchange rates, and you may find specification and warranty packages are less comprehensive than UK cars.


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