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What do I need to consider when I go to sell my motorbike? Presentation is key. Clean and polish everything thoroughly. Stock up on some degreaser for the wheels, some paraffin to clean the chain and wax polish for the bodywork. Metal polish will make all chrome parts gleam. Remove and paint any stone chips or scratches. Top up fuel, water and oil containers, and include relevant documentation to guarantee an easy sale.

Important things to consider when writing your advert are the price of the vehicle and the content of the ad. Price your vehicle too high and you risk a long sale. Price it too low and you can lose out on a potentially higher sale. In terms of content, include as much information about the vehicle as possible, including type of motorbike, year and registration, road tax and MOT, service history and most importantly, images. Images are the best way to lure in potential buyers – the more the better.

If you do receive cash for a sale, try to make the exchange in a bank so the cashier can check for fake notes. Electronic transfers are ideal, enabling you to make the transaction online. Personal cheques, bank or building society cheques can be risky. Personal cheques can be cancelled or issued without the available funds in the account, so if you've already handed over the motorbike, you could be left seriously out of pocket. Despite common belief, bank or building society cheques are not as good as cash; forged cheques are common.

Once the deal has been sealed, you'll need to write a receipt for the buyer, acknowledging the following: date of purchase, amount paid, make and model of motorbike, condition, registration and contact details of the seller. Following this, you'll need to transfer ownership of the vehicle. This ensures you won't be liable for any fines racked up after the sale. Lastly, you'll need to hand over any other relevant documentation including the handbook and service records, MOT and tax certificates and any warranty related paperwork.

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Largest audience Largest audience of all our competitors with 1.4 million visitors per month. *Omniture internal stat May 10 Easy process It's quick to list your bike and we'll offer full support on the phone whenever you need it. Get more money Selling privately could help you achieve a better price than part exchanging.